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Don't quite buy that Athletic tweet, the headline didn't give credit for us leaving to Arteta.

Papa Wonga

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I swear to god, if none of these clubs don't get punished, what's the point of all this?

It'll just prove what was said all along, the PL needs these teams for money.


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Kroenke messed up Arsène Wenger with Gazidis, and when that was done with his man went to AC Milan to help with the ESL cunning plan. lol.

Papa Wonga

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Arteta irresistible charm has made the club leave the ESL, is what I'm being told....

Definitely wouldn't be his tactics, cause they're non-existent.


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Mo Britain

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What happened to billionaire players, water tight documents, top lawyers etc.

This all just fell apart so quick. Doesn’t make sense now.
It was all a con from the word go, I said so. Perez is a shyster whose bloated empire is unable to function without more cash which he can only get by taking it from others.

If he had any honour (he hasn't) he'd do the honourable thing.

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