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    Most clubs look abroad when the alternative is not up to their standards. And believe you me, the only reason some defensive players shine while playing for mid-table team is not because of their exceptional talent but more so the team's overall organisational system and managerial input.

    Fergie just won his 19th PL title with the worst team he ever managed in his tenure. Do you think he is just throwing his money in the wind with the latest signings? He knows exactly what player suit his overall style and the players he purchased were well thought of by many high profile clubs. On the otherhand in Gervinho's case Newcastle was his best option til Wenger got his feet wet.

    I'm not honestly big on FM, but If I had to name drop, I would dearly love Thiago Silva here.

    No qualm there.

    I beg to differ.

    The players who play for bigger clubs have a reason to be there in the first place; they have the talent required to compete at the highest level rather than get stagnated at a smaller club for so long.
  2. Shue

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    So the only player you can name as a better option than Samba and Cahill is Thiago Silva?
  3. est

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    in the same article...


    NIPOLOPO New Member

    You asked me for a name, and I dropped it. Now move along and let Iloveyouarsenewenger and I have a proper discussion even though we don't see eye to eye on this issue.

  5. AnthonyG

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    :lol: I don't think you're cut out for the TR section, Nipple.

    NIPOLOPO New Member

    I get the same feeling. :(
  7. Shue

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    Incorrect. I clearly used a plural.

    Yet again, obtuse.

    Come on mate, try harder.
  8. Kain

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    Story has no merit it’s a non-entity, Defoe has spent a large portion of his career playing under Redknapp for varying clubs, can’t see that changing now plus he is at his level (The Europa cup kekeke! :mrgreen: )
  9. godfather

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    This article was wrote by a journalist for the april fool but threw back from his editor.
  10. Thiago Silva is not a feasible option for us NIPOLOPO. Forget agreeing a fee with Milan, even the player wouldn't want to come here.

    Not just that, he'd be no different from Vermaelen who is an excellent defender but because of his height is bound to get beaten some time or other against teams which are set out to attack with long balls only. Thiago Silva is a world class player, no doubt, but, he is more of the same, only, a bit better in quality. Not the solution to what we need.

    Yes, players in top teams are there because they are good enough but all these players with the top teams were not from academies of top sides. Most of them were the best players from the non-elite sides of their league and were bought by the top teams from those sides. Look at the current Manchester United team and tell me how many players were bought from European giants?

    Now, who are the best defenders outside the elite sides? By the way, Milan ARE an elite side.
  11. Glovegun

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    Can't see this happening, but we do need a proper goalscorer who will hit the six yard box and get on the end of things. Sp**s icon or not, Defoe would offer that.
  12. fabo

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    Defoe is a poor version of Andy Cole, needs 5 chances to score 1. Leave him be, writing articles for The Sun.
  13. IBL

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    oh not again..

    cant wait to lock this one up
  14. Lord Dula

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    Defoe would score more goals here than he does for Sp**s

    buuut he's **** and a **** to boot

    would never want him here
  15. ebouenolike

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    <a class="postlink" href="" onclick=";return false;"> ... r-this-man</a>

    An article on why Arsenal shouldn't go for Defoe. I wrote it so if anyone has a look tell me what they think. (I realise I wrote Robbie Crouch, very embarrassing)

    Also, if this is considered advertising, and against the rules, then can a mod just delete it. Cheers.
  16. been

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    can a mod just delete this thread and everyone can act like this link never even surfaced

    would never take him
  17. ebouenolike

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    I don't think this would happen ever....everrrr....EVERRRRRR.

    Just imagine waking up, wacking up and seeing Defoe holding an Arsenal shirt next to Wenger all smiles.

    Breakfast/Summer RUINED.
  18. Cudareli

    Cudareli Antonio Valencia stan

    Would this not be better suited in the 'Personal Articles' section of the forum?

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