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✍️ OFFICIAL Kieran Tierney (Out)

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So basically no takers to buy him in the Prem. So we send him to Spain to hopefully reraise his profile & get game time as he wouldn't get lots here as we prefer to invert.

Can't really blame Eduteta if no big clubs want to pay for a good old skool left back tbf.

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After losing Timber, loaning this guy out is an unbelievably stupid decision.

It literally benefits the club in no meaningful way.

Another L in transfer outs.
If KT ain't happy being a backup squaddie/competing for starts you have to move him on.
You have to be fair to the player also tbf.


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I wouldn't be so sure about that. If he continues with TP at RB, it means they consider him a defensive option & will use that as a reason not to buy another defender.

Stupid is what stupid does.

We will do what we did in January and sign a defender in January. Maybe 2 this time. Remember Arteta was saying we were short in defence in January. Only way you can be short in defence in January is if you have injuries. Otherwise it’s just bad planning you entered the season with. We entered this summer thinking we will strengthen our defence

5 days before the season start we have the same defence - Tierney


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Timber I get, but Kiwior and Tomiyasu offer nothing more than Tierney does at left back, in fact I feel like having his directness as an option gave us a good balance to rotate with Zinny or bring on late on, especially if this Partey at RB nonsense continues as I don't think inverting both fullbacks works particularly well

I don't like this at all
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