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I think he's a good player, was undervalued at some point, but it was his attitude that cost him and us.
He wasted a year by going to a top team in Atletico, sitting on the bench, he then did the right thing in joining a lesser team in Fiorentina but didn't budge on wages in the end, showed poor attitude, finally setteling on a quite poor league but a great city and an ok fee for us.

Looking at the Leno deal and Bellerin situation, this at least has generated a reflection of his remaining value.

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The level of disrespect to his contract and club was so poor, when you agree on a contract where you’re payed great money you suck up inconveniences. Really entitled behavior honestly.

Spot on, he wanted to leach on a nice contract but not play for the club paying it.

Years elsewhere of no benefit to the club, just himself.

Hence why hes 26 and landed himself in Turkey, he had potential to be a top player but is now in one of the retirement leagues.

I wouldnt be surprised if this little **** just gets on with it now and bags Galatasaray a good transfer fee for him then to down tools again for the buying club.


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makes you wonder what all that **** was 3 months into his Arsenal deal about needing to live in Italy or a country like home :eyess:
Boy was probably kidnapped. Tricked by Sven in an ice cream van.

State of this.


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The level of disrespect to his contract and club was so poor, when you agree on a contract where you’re payed great money you suck up inconveniences. Really entitled behavior honestly.
It’s disgusting. The guy is a spineless, crying wimp with no ambition. Can’t believe someone is actually going to pay money for him


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I remember we've called him terrier.

Unfortunately, this one ended up the type that bites the hand that feeds him.
I do rate him as a player and if he had a different personality the last 2 years would have been a bit different, because we could have much better compensated for Partey.

Makes this all the more frustrating. But alas, just one of those things.

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His agent says they'll be in Istanbul today night. I don't expect he change his mind unless late bid from other clubs came in.


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@Macho -

"Club Player Welfare Liaison Representative"

C'mon mate, want to see your dark side, no need to defend this little scamp. This is a day to rejoice!

I never rated the guy but it wasn't all bad was it? Killed it in his first few months and provided me with one or two great memories for sure.

A sad end really, you just want these things to work. The moves that fail mainly due to circumstances other than the player's ability are annoying.

Shades of Reyes (RIP) with this one probably why I'm not fuming. I've seen it before.
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