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Which of these will happen first?

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where is @say yes i want to know what he thinks about all this.

disgusting, simply disgusting.

Remember people moaning about wenger?
good times.


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For those saying he wouldnt leave Leicester see what the snake did to Celtic.

Stripping out the aye well its only the scottish league so who cares pish, he tried to leave us after 6 months to go to China of all ****ing places.

He then leaves on the brink of Scottish football history because Leicester waved a blank cheque at him. He claimed to bleed Celtic but left us like a shot when he could have easily said he will wait until the end of the season given he was such a massive Celtic man.

If he is offered enough money you better believe he will do the dirty. Leicester is a stepping stone


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He's got us playing so much better than Rodgers did and our results have also been much better.

Due to KT's move I've watched a lot of Arsenal this season and I've been really surprised at how average some of your players are, I genuinely think we have a few players that would walk into your team.

Emery would make De Bruyne and Agüero look like midtable cloggers within four weeks. This isn't the best squad we've ever had but it's astonishing just how poorly the fraud has them playing.


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Some people were really happy about bring 3rd heading into the last international break. This time we are at a highest of 6th and we've collected 2 points in the league and won a single match during the past month.


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It's not working everything he does its backfiring there were improvement today against team on form but that not saying much because of our s**ty away form.

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Massively improves the teams he comes to and has Leicester second in the league. We just want to get back to competiting and that's what Leicester are doing. Much better than us.

The fact is he narrowly lost against Liverpool and but for a dodgy penalty would be joint top of the league.

Isn’t it a bit like @Hooplehead just said though now Lennon has seemed to improve your lot even more.

Don’t get me wrong if we hired him tomorrow I’ve no doubt we’d get in the top four but I think he’s a bridge manager.

Not going to compete consistently at that true level.


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He treated us like we're Sevilla ffs

I don’t know how the board sold the club to him but I think he’s got in his head that this club is really small. Think he thinks the players are more limited than they are. Hence his comments.. would he say he thinks drawing is good at Man City?

just don’t know what else to think or how else to understand this


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We didn’t do too badly overall considering the current form of both teams, and that we’re in a terrible mess right now. Tbh I was surprised we didn’t concede much earlier. Never expected anything here, and at least neither of their goals were down to huge blunders from us (we gave the ball away so much I thought that was inevitable). Their first goal was top class, don’t think we could have done much more about it. Think he waited too long to put Pepe on but it doesn’t really matter.


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The worst feeling I've had as an Arsenal supporter ever, tbh, has been seeing so many fans of this club suddenly pining for him. Really dismaying, but anyway everyone's entitled to their opinions.

Yeah, that was disheartening. I thought we were united on the Mourinho front, but some people would betray their own brother to win.

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Feel for him today, he set us up well I thought.

Just individual mistakes have cost us, bigger picture though he has to go. Soon as Vardy scored I knew it was game over.

He never sets as up well, you cant play without a midfield and claim you are well set up, the space he gives rivals every game is sunday league bs


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another season where top 4 was there for the taking with Utd being ****. Sp**s dropping points and Chelsea playing with a bunch of kids.

but we have a coach that despises when his team has the ball.


I’m still not impressed with him mate, yet to see him actually play other than one way. If we weren’t such banter at the back and finish one of the many good chances we’d be comfortable.

He’s way too open in big games and has been his entire career. You can’t contend for big trophies if you play on the front foot all the time.

:lol: You do know they have the joint best defensive record in the league, right?
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