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  1. Aevi

    Aevi Hands down best mod -Trilly (probably) Moderator

    That's not official as of yet, but seems that way. Impressive pickup by them.
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  2. Plutarch

    Plutarch Well-Known Member

    I'm not confident at all about this match, because of our terrible record at Old Trafford. I see many other people here feel the same. We've really been affected by all these defeats. However, I'm sure Emery and our newly-revitalised team won't be feeling as negative as me.
  3. OnlyOne

    OnlyOne Short man Syndrome

    Honestly Arsenal have hurt me that much in the past, in the NLD when we we're 4-2 up and Jan got sent of, I was like, yeah i'd take a draw thinking Kane was going to ruin us. :lol::lol:
  4. Makingtrax

    Makingtrax Policing Emery's English Skills

    Think Mark Hughes would be a great fit for United.

    Ex player, lots of experience and both on the same downward spiral.:lol:
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  5. razörist

    razörist Soft With The Ladies, Hard With The Mes

    Normally I'd think like that too but I did not feel like this at all. We were all over them, we bullied them, Mike Dean would have needed to do same freaking voodoo to turn this game around.
  6. GoonerJeeves

    GoonerJeeves Up The Terriers

    Apart from the goalie and the front three, that team is absolute poverty. Shocking given the amount of money they've thrown at it.
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  7. Mark Tobias

    Mark Tobias Mr. Agreeable

    What is so special about the front 3. The goalie is the only one who would make it into our team, IMO.
  8. razörist

    razörist Soft With The Ladies, Hard With The Mes

    Goalie has been piss poor for the last 8 months, watch him turn into superman against us.
  9. dashsnow17

    dashsnow17 Established Member

    And you don’t think Jesus did hard work or meticulous planning? You don’t get abs like his without hard work. Sermon on the Mount? Didn’t organise itself y’know.
  10. dashsnow17

    dashsnow17 Established Member

    Is Unai Emery Jesus? Thread needed.
  11. OnlyOne

    OnlyOne Short man Syndrome

    Our wing backs will be vital again in this game, if they have a make shift defence we should be turning them in and out with ease.
  12. Makingtrax

    Makingtrax Policing Emery's English Skills

    That’s hardly credible to think that’s the best team he can field from a €786m squad.

    The level of incompetence, in terms of team moral, medical issues and poor buys, far exceeds anything seen in the Prem to date.

    Emery could finish Mourinho off here and I’d very much like to see him to do it in style.
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  13. GoonerJeeves

    GoonerJeeves Up The Terriers

    Nothing special, but at least they are at a decent level. The rest is mere dross.
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  14. Makingtrax

    Makingtrax Policing Emery's English Skills

    He did. Was gutted when he died though. The ‘Hilltop’ will be lost without him, now Maggie’s missing.
  15. Tosker

    Tosker Well-Known Member

    it's a bit hard on us having to go to OT just 3 days after the NLD

    not quite as bad as having to play City and Chelsea for Emery's first two games of the season but not by much

    Arsenal U21s are in action today in the EFL trophy so that might tie up a couple of the youngsters
  16. Batman

    Batman Bruce Wayne

    I think Zidane would definitely improve them this season just by virtue of not being a malignant c*nt and certifiable loon. I reckon Pogba and Martial would improve quite a bit under him but that squad for all the the money that went into it is still poor. The little dog shagger is absolutely finished. The CBs are all suspect and Lukaku is too lazy to be counted on. It would be a big challenge for Zidane because this team has no Modric or CR7 to carry it through adversity and his pedigree would bring huge expectations that people would want met immediately. We don't know if he can build a team and Woodward is an absolute moron. Would be interesting though.
  17. Mark Tobias

    Mark Tobias Mr. Agreeable

    You just want to watch the debacle as @Bobby the no1 gooner comes in guns loaded to defend the honour of the messiah.
  18. Makingtrax

    Makingtrax Policing Emery's English Skills

    Wenger played United 60 times and lost 29. Against the money side that’s excellent. Played Sp**s 52 times and l0st 9. Only 3 times after 2013.

    Time to put this stuff behind us bro.
  19. TheArsenalis

    TheArsenalis Well-Known Member

    Liverpool game and Sp**s games are not only our best games this season, but it was the premier league best games this season.

    We are fun to watch again.

    Arsenal is back
  20. berric

    berric Well-Known Member

    Can't remember when was the last time I looked forward to a game against Man Utd. Probably a bad sign tho.
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