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Pre-season Friendly in Beijing: Arsenal vs Chelsea|22/7/17| 1240 BST|ITV1 & Arsenal Player.

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Why so serieuse?

Bird's Nest Stadium


Fans at Beijing airport



Saturday 22-7-17


12.40 pm BST. -- 7.40 pm Beijing.

Live TV coverage;

ITV 1 (UK)


Arsenal Player, Chelsea Player.

Team news:

Rudiger (leave), Bakayoko (injured), Hazard (injured), Costa (leper), Matic (unwanted) are not expected to feature for Chelsea.

Walcott not fit to feature tomorrow according to Wenger.
That's a scary portrait of Özil they got there.


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I'd like to see us put out an actual proper central defence in this game, made of real defenders. But I'm not getting my hopes up. Not having Mustafi, Holding or Gabriel in the squad reduces our options, but we do have Bielik, Mertesaker and Koscielny. Monreal too, he plays well there.


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Is arsenal.com having this game on reply rigjt after the match?
I'll miss it cause of work and I need to see the game as soon as I get home later on. Would prefer not to know the score, that's why I need a reliable source where to see reply (5 hours after the game ends), so i dont end up googling it and seeing result


We are getting to the stage where the real team should play. Lets see Özil Laza and Iwobi ahead of Xhaka and Ramsey. Chelsea stand no chance. Not even with prorata.


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God knows who's feeling well enough to start actually.
But yeah.. time to field teams who are actually goong to play together more then on rare occasions.


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Matchday, swooners!

Wenger said this game "is not a friendly", Hazard and Costa are not in the Chelsea squad, So...

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Hopefully we play a bit better than the Bayern game. Get some more fluidity in to our passing game and more cutting edge. COYG :bounce:


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Somebody please tell me how many hours and minutes left untill game time. Between me coming back from vacation with time difference, and timedifferences with the squad and UK I have no clue. I want to watch Arsenal.


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Arsenal manager Arséne Wenger has revealed Sead Kolasinac was suffering from sickness against Bayern Munich which led to his short-lived appearance at the Shanghai Stadium.
“ He was sick as well. We have a little virus in the camp,” he said, reports Arsenal.com. The former Schalke man wasn’t the only person to suffer, with Aaron Ramsey, Theo Walcott, Per Mertesacker and Olivier Giroud also named by Wenger. “Aaron finished [feeling] bad, Walcott, Mertesacker, Giroud (too),” he added.

The virus going around the camp isn’t believed to be serious and should pass in the coming days. But Arsenal still have another friendly before they return to London so Wenger might have to make changes as a result.

Arsenal are looking very thin in defence for the final game of their pre-season tour, having played Mohamed Elneny at the back as a result of a lack of options, meaning it could be a cobbled together side that faces Chelsea at the Bird’s Nest Stadium on Saturday.

If it's not injuries, it's viruses. No wonder Wenger's not selling anybody ffs. We need a squad this size to field one team of eleven.
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