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Keep: Nelson
Loan: Willock
Sell: Eddie

Reiss was unlucky with injuries in December, but I think

- with Pepe’s showing in the last match (Southampton)

- Ødegaard in, who can play RW as well as CAM, and Arteta has talked today about possibly playing sometimes with ESR

... chances look limited for Reiss between now and end of the season, so maybe a loan would be best. We will need to offload at least Willian this summer if at all possible.

(Regarding Eddie, I’m ok with a loan also, see what happens with Balogun’s contract decision)

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Some reports suggest Matt Smith may be released from loan by Swindon. That's another tidy player who isn't quite ready. We suddenly seem yo have too many midfielders.


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Some reports suggest Matt Smith may be released from loan by Swindon. That's another tidy player who isn't quite ready. We suddenly seem yo have too many midfielders.

Does anyone know what happened? I seem to recall he started the season quite well.


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Since we moved to a 4-2-3-1 our team doesn’t look devoid of ideas in attack.



Looking juicy!

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Does anyone know what happened? I seem to recall he started the season quite well.
He did start well then had a dip snd lost his place. I think Swindon are looking at two permanent transfers so Matt another loanee are looking at less game time.


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If Pepe continues as is then next season I'd go:

New RB - Holding - Gabriel - Tierney
Partey - New CM
Saka - ESR - Pepe

How the loans go will determine a bit whether Willock and AMN have futures here and also our backup CM requirements. Also need another AM/CM type, an LB and a winger maybe
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Do not let good performances fool you.

Lacazette, Xhaka, Luiz, Bellerin, Cedric, Willian.

They are not good enough and they need to be upgraded on.

Xhaka will give you a few 7s maybe an 8 and then literally lose us a game. Lacazette will score few and disappear when we need him most. Luiz is the same as Xhaka. Bellerin just does enough to be a 6, but will always let you down on a final ball, or build up, or any sort of combination. Cedric got bailed out massively BY martinelli and the fact that Rashford is standing in our box with tap ins while playing as a right winger should be a massive red flag. Willian is just crap.

We need to get rid of these players and stop holding to the good moments when they give us so many bad ones.


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The squad profile graphics show the minutes and age of each player to feature in the Premier League this season. The start of each player’s line indicates the age they joined the club, so, the longer the line, the longer they have been at the club. The white dots are players who were there before the summer, while red dots indicate players new to the squad.

And before you read on, here’s a handy glossary to explain some key terms:

  • Weighted average age: share of team’s total minutes played by each player, multiplied by their age. Then an average is taken from those used in the squad
  • Peak: players aged between 24 and 29
  • Youth: players under the age of 24 at the start of 2020-21
  • Experienced: players aged over 29
  • Regulars: players to have played more than 80% of minutes available
  • Rotation: players to have played between 50 and 80 per cent of minutes available
Mikel Arteta’s Arsenal very much looks like a team that is in the midst of a long-term rebuild. Having fielded ten “youth” players (under 24), 14 “peak” players (24 to 29) and three “experienced” players (over 29).


Arsenal’s starting XI has been anchored this season by Rob Holding overcoming the injuries that have held him back in the past. To his right, Hector Bellerin has also played plenty of minutes, already surpassing his totals for 2018-19 and 2019-20. Bernd Leno was an ever-present, until he decided to play volleyball against Wolves. While Bukayo Saka’s position on the pitch may not be overly consistent, he too has featured heavily for Arsenal this season.

Killer stat: The last time Arsenal fielded this few players aged 30 and over was in 2014-15, when Tomas Rosicky, Mathieu Flamini and Mikel Arteta himself featured for the club.

Tbe full article goes through every club in the league. Was surprised to see we’ve only fielded 3 players over 29.


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Before questions arise: Smith Rowe plays very high up and loads of his passes are automatically backwards. The graph is actually plenty positive on him, showing that he’s a comparativley secure passer while under massive pressure.

Short info

X-axis: Amount of turnovers per ninety. Note that the numbering goes from right to left. The further left the more passes lead to turnovers.

Y-axis: Progressive balls played per 90.

Dot color: The percentage of passes played under pressure per 90. Red: More Pressure Green: No pressure.

Thiago for example comes off amazing on that chart on first sight, but he has all the time in the world on the ball. Not a good look tbh, considering you’d expect a Thiago to exploit that more.

Edit: Fun observation: Wijnaldum playing like Elneny this season.


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As long as we have our attackers scoring goals, I don't think we need our midfielders scoring much, tbh.

Some of our best midfielders didn't score many, it depends on what your strikers and midfielders bring to the team.


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wtf, which midfielders scored 30 goals in 13/14? Apart from Ramsey I mean.

It's not about goal-scoring only. It's about goal contribution, meaning also passes I think.

I'm also interested who is considered a MF in that stat.

Stats are also interesting in the way that if DMF/MF's have freekick and corner responsibility, it will skew those stats in favour of them.

We have also played with 3 CB's often in recent years which will mean less "midfielders".
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