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Tammy Abraham

Do you want Tammy at Arsenal?

  • Yes

    Votes: 20 27.0%
  • No

    Votes: 34 45.9%
  • Don't care either

    Votes: 20 27.0%

  • Total voters
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Our investment has been sketchy to say the least. There is another chart that says we've the highest outstanding transfer debt in the league.

Hopefully now we are at a turning point with the sale of Willock and us moving players on. 25m is 7% of our total revenue from last season. Selling players (and marketable attractive players at that) is one of the main ways we are gonna bridge that gap and be able to compete for years to come. Another reason why I'm keen on Abraham. Teams will still want him because he scores goals in the PL.

@bingobob with the best arguments here whilst a lot again like to bring up none, just hate.

Personally on the "Tammy would be so underwhelming" side but I've changed my mind slightly.
One key point I didnt allow myself to consider until you brought it up is that I'd be 100% sure that Tammy would be a sellable asset for at least 25-30m even after a mediocre season with us. When his profile falls and those midtable clubs get a chance for him, they'd still be absolutely buzzing about him.

As of now, his stats are incredible - he's just not the type of striker I want to have for the Arsenal.
But I'd also rather have Tammy on the bench in 1-2 years than the ones currently stealing a living.

Irregardless, a Tammy+Ode summer is not exciting and I'd still judge the club badly.
Even more so with their time schedule.

Ode also only good if we get a proper CM whom we always needed from the beginning.
Aouar or Bissouma would still be different profiles but super exciting for me personally since they could explode here.


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I dont think it matters whether we want him or not. I don't think this club is capable of negotiating with Chelsea. Chelsea don't need to sell him. They are a club that are just happy to let players rot and not use them. They can keep him, not play him, and force him to seek a loan in January.


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Well he is much better than aub and laca at holding up the ball and play. We need goals but we also need a physical presence upfront which currently we dont. Auba gets bullied at CF, laca does better but just isnt sharp enough. Im really on the fence with this, in some ways tammy is actually better for us, his goals for chelsea are mostly good goals with fast build up which he is involved with. but if we do buy tammy then auba will be perma LW, tammy hasnt got it in his locker to play a smart ball to auba on the run.

The bright upside is if tammy is able to maintain a ;good goalscoring record with us then his value will only increase.
From the limited YouTube highlights I've seen:

Auba - similar to Auba in terms of poaching, gets into the right positions to finish off attacks, better at headers, better hold up play, has the same sort of speed agility that Auba has which is good in this league
Laca - not as good hold up play but still links well with the midfield, physically more athletic and better endurance, better header than Laca

I feel Laca and Auba would pull out more goals outside of the box than Abraham while the first touch is similar to both Auba/Laca. I'm not against the signing but wouldn't rather someone like Martinez if possible. He is younger and more suited to the PL, homegrown too. If he can still have the g/a output of Laca while on less wages as well + then it's a plus. Then replace Auba with another striker more suited to the system the season after provided we get back into Europe.


We cant spend 40m on an average striker.
We need a striker that can create chances for himself as well.
Our most offensive player must have the ability to face two defenders and still make a decent kick out of it.
Will Tammy be able to provide it constantly?


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Chelsea forum says he's pretty average in the air. Better than Laca and Auba sure, but not enough for it to be a significant strength.
His goals for Aston Villa in the championship. Think I count 6 headers, not sure I can see Auba or Laca scoring many of them.



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feel a club round our size will defo give him another shot in Europe next 12 /24 months... maybe Roma this window

think Jesus could be more a realistic target for us this window though when Kane moves

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All Chelsea fans I know who actually watch Tammy think Laca is better. And that’s after the Arteta tax.
All Arsenal fans I know who actually watch Laca think Tammy is better 😜
Its just a football fan thing if you aint sure tbh.

I dont think either player is great or Terrible.

Tammy is younger (English) has a decent goal scoring record, should improve & can do certain things that Laca cant like run :p

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We cant spend 40m on an average striker.
lol we spent more than that on Laca.
Its just people got a big Hard one on coz he is French

Tammy or Laca would get a similar amount of goals for us.

Arsène had the luxury of spending 50m+ on Auba a few months later deciding he needed more than Laca.
Doubt that will happen again but at least you should be able to move on Tammy for decentish money even if he doesnt cut it.
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Abraham still haven't give the ok to transfer to Roma and he Indeed waiting for Arsenal to make a move. Roma want to convince the striker if they fail they'll go for Laca or Cunha.

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Abraham showing really great effort to join us we need to buy him Roma got no chance if we start moving and buy stop wasting time.


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Abraham still haven't give the ok to transfer to Roma and he Indeed waiting for Arsenal to make a move. Roma want to convince the striker if they fail they'll go for Laca or Cunha.

Roma are a bit dumb putting it out there that they’d maybe take Laca if they don’t get Abraham. That’s basically telling Abraham if he rejects the move he’ll get his move to Arsenal.

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On Vinai's payroll & misses 4th place trophy 🏆
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We have told him to wait, otherwise he would accept.
should just buy him at this rate and think about selling Laca later look like he is the striker we want not Vlahovic or Lautaro because they'll cost 50M+
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