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Given we could sell Laca, I’d take Tammy as a replacement. Laca has his use and gives everything for us on the pitch but he’s not going to improve anymore. Auba, Tammy, Balogun would be fine for this season.


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Roma still not got an okay from Abraham about moving to Roma. he still waiting Arsenal so after that he'll make his final decision.

i think he want to come here but also i don't think he'll wait for us too much longer. if we want him buy him then and after that sort Laca and Nektiah future if not we may lose players don't wanna risk and end up with neither.

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if we get tammy for less than £25million then i'd be ok with us signing him. but he's still raw and awkward, and can be skittery with the strike of the ball, not a good look for a forward.


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Roma seem a bit desperate. This feels like what’s happening when they’re trying to convince him.

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