UEL Quarter-Final 2nd Leg: Slavia Prague (1) v Arsenal (1) | Thursday, April 15 | KO: 20:00 BST | BT Sport

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The away goal is meaningless as we should absolutely be beating this team in a one-off game. Win or get sacked basically.

I'm actually confident, not because of hope, just because we're that much better than them. The likes of Pepe, Laca and Saka aren't missing chances like that again. That first leg easily could have been 3-0.


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I think we lost our RO16 first leg EL game against a bum team from eastern europe or something. Even I was confident we'll come back and win the tie and we did, convincingly. But now I'm not so sure. Lots of things could go wrong.


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Don't want Ceballos just coz he did well vs Sheffield. Just play Saka LB and Xhaka back in CM please. And just 1 of Auba/Laca. And no Willian if Laca is the striker.


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Just saw Robbie on AFTV say Arteta must pick Martinelli not Willian to prove he won’t always go to his conservative “safe place” options for such crunch matches. I still think Arteta’s strong instincts are with Willian for this one, so will be interesting to see what he does.


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Slavia played Sparta in the Prague Derby on Sunday. They won 2-0
They made 4 changes from last Thursday, and played a 4-5-1
Sparta were the better team in the 1st half, but a curling shot from outside the box just before half-time gave Slavia the lead. Same guy that scored the equaliser versus us.
2nd half Slavia dominated, and got their 2nd goal on 80 mins., which killed the game.

They are 17 points clear in the League now. Sparta are 2nd, with 2 games in hand, but after winning on Sunday the League is all but over.

They are unbeaten in the Czech League, but they're going to be giving the hiding of their lives on Thursday.

4-0 to The Arsenal*

*and then another 4 in the 2nd half


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We need to get the goals in this one and should play an attacking team. It's difficult to predict who starts as there are a few fitness and fatigue concerns in the squad. However I would go:

Chambers Holding Mari Cedric
Xhaka Partey ESR
Pepe Lacazette Martinelli

I'm wary of overplaying Partey but this is our biggest game of the season.

3-1 Arsenal
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