Which Playerz departure were you most disappointed with ?

Discussion in 'Arsenal Talk' started by Jose_Reyes_2005, May 31, 2004.

  1. Adam

    Adam New Member Elite

    It is testament to Arsène Wenger that we got so wound up over a player leaving the club. He has created such a close knit group, and raised the standards and demands of players which were already high.

    We as fans are so used to committed players who command long careers here (Adams, Bould, Winterburn, Dixon, Seaman, Keown, O Leary etc) that when a big player cuts his career short with us - we are not used to handling it. We adamently wanted to hold on to Anelka. We nearly faced the prospect of Ian Wright leaving... and if he did - imagine the uproar. We

    We don't have to be as open minded with players leaving because...

    Now, we are a club who fulfulls players ambitions entirely. Wenger brings attributes out of them, and nurtures them within the comfort and security of our group - of which they are scared to leave. Vieira, Pires, and Henry do not want to burst the bubble Arsène has polished for them.
  2. chris66

    chris66 New Member

    Reggie Paul....it's called irony mate, you should look it up, as you might not then have to write War & Peace everytime to make your point.

    No one is disputing that Anelka's a good player, but don't you find it amazing that a player with his talent has been shipped out of so many clubs by the age of 24. You claim this is because he is some type of free spirit, but there are plenty of other individualistic minded players (Vieri for example) that clubs are no where near as happy to see the back of.

    You caim that Anelka was responsible for changing Arsenal's pay structure - perhaps but he had a far lesser impact than Marc Bosman. Every major club across Europe adjusted their remineration to reflect the changing contractual values of the post Bosman ruling and to chase the rapidly inflated wages of the elite players, not just Arsenal. I am just amazed how your Anelka blinkers make you think that he was the catalyst for all this - it just happened at the same time, it had nothing to do with him. As regards paying for the training ground, perhaps, but equally so for the Overmars money - why not laud him?

    Arsenal disliked the way the Anelka deal was carried out as his brothers acted like the cheap low class thugs that they are - including insults and threats to Dein. The leftie chip on your shoulder might see this as corporate greed, but the board did everything they could for the ungrateful little prat. I don't hate him for leaving Arsenal, I do hate him for the disrespect he showed Wenger in how he did it. ANd if you are trying to tell me that he is as good a player today as he would have been had he stayed with Arsène for at least 2 more years, then you quite plainly are talking out of your ass!

    As he sits on his ass watching Euro 2004 on tv and ponders another season "saving" city from relegation - I wonder if he is as convinced of his actions as you are?
  3. mood

    mood New Member

    Overmars, Anelka and Petit.

    But mainly, OVERMARS

    I know Pires is excellent, but I miss Overmars. He was a Gooner and had great character too.

    But Overmars and Anelka were not that bad as we got the BEST replacements ever for them. Petit, well..no one till today has been as good as him in that position..so I regret selling Petit most but I was most disappointed with Overmars' departure.
  4. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    War and Peace? Are you even remotely intelligent enough to understand any of this? Most of what you state have been pickings from the Tabloid press. Do you believe all that crap? If you make a remark expect it to be taken seriously regarding this subject as Reggie had done. There is no Irony in making fun of something that is serious like this. If you're going to just make fun of it and make exaggerations why bother replying at all?

    He didn't claim it was because he was a free spirit. No one said that. I have to repeat myself. Are you even remotely intelligent enough to understand any of this? Go back and read why he was removed from club to club. Better than that, learn to read a newspaper instead. It's all written down why. While you believe it's because Anelka was a problem the answer is in your face because clubs couldn't afford him.

    The same clubs who like Arsenal released players because they couldn't afford them.

    So what about Marc Bosman? Why bring him in to all this. Are you trying to say that there is some competition between Anelka and Marc Bosman? There isn't.

    I think you've got a huge problem with Anelka and you haven't even got a a shred of information against him.

    Daivd Dein said that he needed to hold on to his players after Anelka and this was echoed by Wenger as well.

    Do you work for Arsenal? You seem to be countering everything that the press have said regarding the Anelka situation. I don't know where you get some of your bull **** statements from but the whole Dein was harassed, why didn't he call the police?

    How do you think he showed disrespect to Wenger? He is allowed to leave the club. He got paid for what he gained and played and Wenger did his job. Everyone did their job. Did he owe Wenger something? Did Wenger state he must stay? I don't know where you get these outlandish statements from but it's like you're saying Wenger did everything for him. OK, why doesn't Wenger get the rest of his players to play as brilliantly as Anelka did? Why doesn't Wenger do that? Make something of Franny Jeffers?

    It takes a certain individual to be a certain type of player. Some people play a part but the bottom line is, some are great while others are not.

    If the board did everything for him, what exactly was it? He came, he saw and he started scoring goals. Tell me if it was any different.

    You might think that the boards farts dont smell but you fail to answer everything that Reggie has stated. You have a lot of remarks but nothing that has countered what Reggie said. You have repeated yourself as well. That's the end of it.

    What about his actions? Arsenal released him for money. They made money from him. If he was anything but bad would anyone buy him? Would he have successfully achieved everything he had if it wasn't for him moving around.

    The bottom line is he has achieved a hell of a lot at a very young age and he still has 10 more years of football in him.
  5. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    Oh just shut up Chris. Stop talking out of your backside and read the posts properly. :x

    No one said Anelka wasn't a part of Anelkas development but he was scoring goals when he arrived. We did implement the bonus scheme after Anelka too because that's about when we start to go in to a lot of debt and it.

    Again, SHUT UP!
  6. reggiepaul

    reggiepaul New Member

    I know what Irony is and I know you attempted to use it but failed quite badly. What you did wrong was using this where facts and evidence were being used. I highlighted simply, if you missed the point which is understandable considering your unreasonable animosity towards Anelka, that it is not connected at all.

    As for War and Peace, read my posts carefully, I have counter argued everything you state here. So, before you decide to write another excerpt of Dear Deidre for the Sun newspaper read the posts carefully to see you haven't already been proven wrong.

    For your benefit, as I have done in the past I will counter argue you again. For those with dimwit intellect it takes about 10 or 15 replies before you understand or should I talk like this "Me Reggie, You Chris, Anelka Good".

    No I don't find it amazing. A player can move from whichever club he likes to be moved from. A lot of youth talent is moved around at an early age before they find a club where they are more settled. The reason being, as with Anelka, the players are more so expensive at a younger age and will gather a higher price. I have stated Reals debt situation in a previous post and Arsenal wondering whether they would receive the transfer money considering Reals situation. PSG were also in debt but it was where Anelka wanted to go to so PSG took the risk, PSG had to put him on loan.

    All this was further echoed when substantial sums were turned down post PSG because no one could afford him. Even we made a bid for Anelka post Real Madrid and post PSG to try and re-grab him again. Again this is where the plot thickens even further. Why was Wenger and even Dein associated with a player that Dein personally attacked in the papers. Anelka stated on Arsenals interest he'd love to return to play with Wenger but the board treated him badly when he did nothing wrong. He did highlight the wounds were sore but he may return in the future.

    A lot of this is where some of the Anelka haters have huge blinkers on, the Tabloids attack Anelka and the Arsenal board are quoted for this and then we want to buy him again and make a bid for him at both the clubs he is at?

    Oh yeah and I never said he was a free-spirit, but maybe he is but which player isn't. Every player wants to play wherever he feels comfortable but money is also an issue. Why aren't all these players playing at their boy hood dream clubs if it wasn't?

    Marc Bosman is a FIFA rule you numskull of course all the clubs in Europe had to adjust. Wht do you expect them and the players to do - it's part of the professional football.

    In Anelkas situation he fired off something that the board were not prepared for. This is why (as I have already stated in a previous post) the Overmars Pires departure went smoothly. They saw the the huge media interest and their rather inexperienced reactions regarding Anelka they had to let them go. Partly due to the players huge demands as Petit and Overmars had stated. Anelka on the other hand never said anything bad about the club, he even praised Wenger and what he had done for him. Dein on the other hand had a field day having a go at Anelka at any give moment. Why would he do that when no other Director does it. With Deins situation in the FA and UEFA and G14 why didn't he have more control over Anelka or initiate it?

    It was the money. If you run a football club and you aren't as sure as you are now about it (thanks to Wenger again) you smell that money and you chase it. It wasn't until Wenger came in that he made a difference regarding all this.

    I never said Wenger didn't have an effect on Anelka. He did like every manager does. You just try and put words in peoples mouth to fill up space without focussing on details. I don't think he disrespected Wenger in any way. Anelka arrived and was banging in goals straight away. Are we to praise Wenger for training him even before he came to the club as well? A bit outlandish that isn't it? In fact in Anelkas first full season at the top he won the double.

    It is not entirely corporate and it isn't a leftie chip it's a reality of using people to run a business. You're far too full of cliche's and lacking pure evidence, it's remarkable if you go anywhere further than the sun for your arsenal info, which I doubt very much. You're saying at a club that has the highest season ticket and ticket prices that no form of client control is involved there. It all happened post Anelka and this type of thing is easily analysed and presented if you know where to look. So they did everything for the "ungrateful prat" as you put it other than hold a European wide auction on him (as is always the case with ANelka) other than offer him a decent contract.

    OK let's put it simply, would you rather offer the guy a contract (where the agents and player get paid, not the club) or smell the money from many many interested European clubs and get a cut of the deal yourself as well as more money for the club. Now then so in this case everyone is happy if Anelka leaves but if you offer Anelka a contract only the agents and Anelka are more so happy?

    OK, if Dein had threats and insults why didn't he sue Anelka or even call the Police on Anelkas agents? The answer is quite simple really, a) it didn't happen and b) he could smell the money so needed to get rid of him to hold it. Why not get the police involved if it was really that bad? The fact is it was never even that bad and it was all speculation and conjecture all over the place. Nothing was set in stone regarding occurrences otherwise more people would have been involved. Dein, a member of the FA and so many governing football association, silent when a breach of law and rules is occurring, how can this be? It can be, because it never happened.

    What actions are these? The one's concocted in your head again Chris? You hate the man, admit it, and you have no one to blame but your beautiful interest in the Tabloid press' writing capability. Oooh the adjectives, must get your loins a burning eh, chris?

    Anelka is basically a great a footballer who doesn't give a crap what people tell him to do. Most of the people who can't handle him will use usual corporate techniques of backstabbing to get the better of him. He has apologised to France regarding international selection too. Santini is on the way out and he was just on the borderline of selection. He is still a major player. Now, if you believe the Tabloids, Anelka is an anti-terrorist who is trying to take over the world, oh hold on that's irony - look it up.

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