Would you mind if Beckham come to Arsenal?

Discussion in 'Arsenal Talk' started by kluivert, Mar 13, 2004.


Becks to Arsenal?

  1. Yes, we'll have the best mdfl in the world

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  2. Hell no, he's a former scum!

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  1. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    bentley is the next beckham. lets hope wenger changes him !! one posing **** is enough in a life time
  2. The Mini

    The Mini New Member

    No but for a different reason than stated... He's one of the worst players I've seen play in the CL, he can only hoof it, cant dribble it to save his life and refuses to head it because it'll ruin his hair.
  3. Gooner83

    Gooner83 New Member

    When Real Madrid win things, all the uk media will be saying Beckham won it.

    Its already noticable on the tv commentary;

    'Goal by Ronaldo, crossed by Beckham'

    even though it was a pathetic deflected cross.

  4. dsurg

    dsurg New Member

    Guys....lets be serious here...all this talk of Becks being **** just isnt right and deep down we all know it...truth is he would add something into our game that hasnt been there since Petit left which is long (over the top)passes let alone his crosses...the real thing is the circus that surrounds him and the fact that we may not be able to afford him( notice the choice of words "may" cos we were all gobsmacked when Reyes signed)....I personally dont think he fits into the typical Wenger type buy....for one AW rarely buys players is age and two AW doesnt like too much publicity he keeps his club and players away from the public eye and Becks would do dat a lot of harm, he also doesnt buy made players who may have little to prove he would rather buy a player about to become the next big thing not one that is already there(as it were) so chances of Becks playing for us is really zilch if u ask me....not that he wouldnt add to our play like most people are suggesting.
  5. JGooner

    JGooner New Member Trusted

    There is absolutely no chance of this happening at all, but...

    I cannot believe any Arsenal fan wouldn't want it to happen. This man is a modern titan. I used to buy into the whole myth about him being overrated, but then realised that it was a knee-jerk, unsubstantiated view. Just consider his qualities: he has the broadest range of passing of any player in the world, from quick one-touch interplay to those 70 yard "hollywood passes" that hit their target with astonishing regularity (whereas Gerrard's attempts to do the same more often than not are overhit or misdirected); he can be equally brilliant on the right or in the centre; he can strike a ball as well as anyone; he has proven leadership qualities; he is arguably the hardest worker of any megastar footballer; he has the kind of temperament that managers dream of (and he has matured even more since going to Spain). It is no exaggeration to say that he has been Real Madrid's best player this season which, when you consider their playing staff and the fact that this is his first season there, is extraordinary.

    He wouldn't add anything to our team? The **** he wouldn't! I am a big fan of Ljungberg (I defended him here last season and earlier this season when a few people were slating him) but you can't possible be serious that you would choose him over Beckham. Beckham is superior to Ljungberg in almost every aspect of a midfielder's game, which is saying something considering that Ljungberg is the classic all-rounder.

    Alternatively, you could play Beckham in the centre with Vieira, unless of course you would prefer Gilberto there! Beckham would be a genuine source of creativity (which we haven't had in the centre of midfield since...I can't even remember when. Rocastle?). Vieira could become an outright holding midfielder, patrolling the width of the pitch. The potential of Vieira and Beckham as a central midfield partnership is awesome.

    Whoever it was who said Beckham cannot dominate midfield hasn't been watching him in Spain. He was less dominant in the Man Utd team, but that's because he was played wide right, where nobody can boss a match.

    As I say, it has 0% chance of happening, but I'm shocked that anyone wouldn't want it to.
  6. The Mini

    The Mini New Member

    We either dont want or already have all of his abilities. What's the point?
  7. juz7_pi12es

    juz7_pi12es New Member

    if he come back..
    it's only to chelski..
  8. reggiepaul

    reggiepaul New Member

    On his day Beckham is a great player but he seems to have problems in some big games. I always notice Beckham can't be the best in big games unless it's crucial to score goals but otherwise he's bit of a weak link. What I mean is his form is too fluctuating for our team. He provides good moves but loses that sense of delivery for other decisive games - important when you play for big games.

    When we would want his best he may not deliver as well as we want him to. He's always decisive and perfect but I sometimes see his technique would be more fitting in other games. I don't think he has the footballing mind to bring out the right artillery for the correct game, since he's always a little lost in terms of production.
  9. alwaysagooner

    alwaysagooner New Member

    I wouldn't mind having him to much however not at the cost of 18million in my opinion he does not justify that kind of price tag seeing as he is not to far from 30. However it would be nice to get him just to get up the manchester united fans and board.
  10. godfather

    godfather New Member

    haha..............true!!! :D :D :D
  11. alwaysagooner

    alwaysagooner New Member

    This is all pretty pointless discussing as he will not be leaving madrid in the summer.
  12. pamilih

    pamilih New Member

    Absolutely. Abramovich wants to make Chelsea a brand name. Ranieri hasn't got the personality to make Chelsea a brand name. He hasn't got the charisma. Whom Chelsea needs are SG Eriksson and Beckham. The combination will guarantee constant media coverage. But that's not our style.
  13. pamilih

    pamilih New Member

    How many goals that Beckham made this season, and how many did Ljungberg? Ljungberg has scored 10 goals so far for Arsenal.

    We don't need a ballet dancer on the pitch. We need players who can score goals. That's why we no longer need the services of Kanu, Wiltord, Jeffers and Pennant.
  14. reggiepaul

    reggiepaul New Member

    On paper (statistically) Beckham has some good moves and yeah you could make a decent DVD compilation of his work but at the end of the day, he hasn't the mentality to know when to use it and how to use it. He has tricks but gets lost amidst stronger competition - that's why Real Madrid are not further away at this point in la liga, because he proves himself but not when it's needed.

    This is where he differs from not only our first 11 but the selection from our first two teams. Our players, who some may not have the technique and skill Beckham has, have under Wenger adapted to posess greater footballing minds and as a unit to deliver and excel beyond their previous efforts where Beckham is lost amidst the need to just pass and deliver, which is good - but at a higher level you need that delivery in greater circumstanes. If Beckham was more so consistent and stable in his talent those players in front and around him would be banging in 4 or 5 times more goals, it's the fact he disappears in to this mould of just a footballer (away from his real skill and potential) which numbs the greater supply he could be giving to those around him.

    Excellent player but basically independable which in the team Wenger has created is crucial because we pass, move, hold posession and rely upon each other to be at their best. If Beckham is there and can't find it in himself to do something he did a few weeks ago - you're fumbled as a unit. That is where Ljungberg beats Beckham because Fred's team work is exceptional and always finds the space not only as a passing player but as a poacher and mover too. Beckham hasn't got a clue sometimes and I always wonder exactly why he doesn't excel - maybe it's because he doesn't feel he needs to because he has already proved himself or he hasn't the mentality to operate time and time again in a more impressive outfit.

    Now this makes me wonder if he could excel under Wenger or whether he has the mentality to do so. Why didn't Fergie notice this in Beckham - maybe because in England there is no time waste hoping Beckham will rise in EVERY game? Beckham has greater players around him right now who could more regularly give a better productivity and while Beckham does provide more than half the time it's those moments he doesn't, even after all these years of experience at the highest level of the game that makes you wonder if he can be as consistent as needed. This is why I think, like Jeffers it could be difficult for Beckham to adapt around the unit at Arsenal which is far more faster and short ball based than Beckhams crosses as such (which a lot of players can excel at but we don't build our game dominantly around wingnuts and crosses, we're more diverse) which may find Beckham in territory that would be too much for him.

    For some teams he's good where the right group of players are around him but at Arsenal I wonder if he could cope with the mentality and strength at which we play at now.

    ::Had to add this from what Pires says in an Interview :

    "But he'll have to work hard(Reyes). Francis Jeffers [who has returned to
    Everton on loan] is proof that talent alone won't make you an Arsenal star."
  15. pamilih

    pamilih New Member

    Ferdinand, Beckham and Sven Eriksson and perhaps David James will move to Chelsea next season. This will create a unique situation that the majority of England intenationals play for one club. This will again raise the profile of Chelsea.
  16. Allyboy

    Allyboy New Member Elite

    JGooner is spot on!

    Beckham is the most marketable sportsman in the world at the moment, we would be fools not to sign him if we feasibly could!

    The revenue he would generate us would be astonishing and it would propel us into one of the most high profile clubs in the world.

    Sure on paper there could be downsides, such as where do you play him or unrest being caused in the dressing room but you have to take that risk!

    This is somewhat of a moot point as we do not have the cash to bring him here in the summer, but if somehow we could then we must try to get him.

    If he starts next season in a Chelsea shirt and it turns out somehow we could have got him we will all be kicking ourselves!
  17. Mark

    Mark New Member Elite

    David James?? What gave you that idea? Cech is moving there next season, he's going to be a lot better than James.

    And you really think the scum will sell Ferdinand? You've seen how much they've missed him since he's been away. Chelski might get Chivu or Ayala or someone like that.

    Sven and Becks are the only ones out of those who might join Chelski next season.
  18. reggiepaul

    reggiepaul New Member

    So I guess we're fools then.
  19. Cisco

    Cisco New Member

    sure. Cech is excellent. But he's injured for the moment.
    Chelski goes on buying again and again...
  20. OZGunner

    OZGunner New Member

    Take this however you want, but a bloke who is a soccer commentator/analyst on a Melbourne radio station (I cannot remember his name) and seems to be on very close terms to Beckham's current translator (and part of the decision making process for Beckham to even go to Real (the translator that is)) says that he would be very suprised if Beckham was not at London, as posh wears the pants and wants to go to London as she misses it. The analyst is of the opinion that it would be Chelsea though.

    anyone may be able to correct what I wrote, but that is basically the gist of it.

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