Yoann Gourcuff

Discussion in 'Transfer Rumours' started by GoonerGurjit, Feb 28, 2006.

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  1. YeahBee

    YeahBee Terrible hot takes

    load them up to some youtube or something ask in help section because I sure ain't that friendlt with computers
  2. Tegh

    Tegh New Member

    Thanks, I went looking shortly after my post and found this. That long range pass with the outside of his boot was ****ing immense.
  3. siddharth

    siddharth New Member

    If this Gourcuff thing is true then i'm afraid ribery won't be coming.It's either him or ribery and ribery looks very unlikely.I really wish it is ribery coz he would be able to make a difference to the team straight away.But i can't see marseille being polite to us after the flamini case and he will cost a bomb.
  4. G0D

    G0D Active Member

    Gourcuff over Ribery for me, seems to fit us better. And Ribery is so ugly he should be playing for Man USA. Yes, im shallow... :D
  5. pt89

    pt89 New Member

    if i have to choose from ribery or gourcouff.. i vote for gourcuff
  6. pt89

    pt89 New Member

    if i have to choose from ribery or gourcouff.. i vote for gourcuff
  7. Legend#1

    Legend#1 New Member Trusted

    I'd choose Ribery.

    But Gourcuff is bloody talented, and considerably cheaper.
  8. Viper

    Viper Member

    I'd prefer Ribery since he looks like a brilliant player from the video clips I've seen but I haven't seen much of Gourcuff.

    In that video thats a great goal he's scored, and that pass was awesome.
  9. Artillero

    Artillero New Member

    Did anyone else read the Ribery Vs Gourcuff article in the free mag handed out around Paris?
  10. esjvpc

    esjvpc New Member

    After reading this thread from start to end, i still can't quite figure out what a player Gourcuff is??

    I only know he is right-footed (?), 185cm, but what position he plays at Rennes? From the only video clip, he seems to be an attacking midfield, but what is his style of play? Is he technically gifted to dribble past one or two defenders at ease just like Ribery? Will he run straight into the area to score goals just like Paul Scholes when in his past top form? Do he have good vision to make short & long passes? And what about his speed, isn't he fast or just adequate like Cesc?

    Sorry for those lots of questions as i seldom watch Ligue 1, can anyone who seen him more please give me some ideas about Gourcuff, because according to some of the opinions here, he is even more welcome than Ribery for whom i think he is already a very talented young player (22 or 23?).

    Thanks alot.
  11. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    He's young (19) and hes a big lad same physique as Van Persie.

    he can play on right side of midfield or through the centre. He's very good in front of goal for a midfielder and has a nice shot on him and he likes to get into the box.But his main attribute is the way he is able to play a through ball and the vision he has, he's destroyed lyon this season with impecable passing ability and skill on the ball.He's a rather direct player wants to push on play one two's and through balls instead of a toulalan type who will sit and create.Yes he is quite quick and powerfull on the ball when in full flow. I wouldnt say he is an all out winger like ribery is but he cant definatly take on defenders and go past them.

    the weaker points is that his defensive side when playing in the center he doesn't track back as much as he should and he often just drifts out of the game, but that can be improved
  12. esjvpc

    esjvpc New Member

    Thanks alot TalentScout for the detailed description of Gourcuff strength & weakness.

    Just curious, as kel said at the Rosicky thread, who will you think will bring a bigger impact to the team, Gourcuff, Ribery or Rosicy?

    My choice will be between Ribery & Rosicky.
  13. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    yeh for sure i would go for rosicky or ribery as they both are older and played for big clubs . but dont fall asleep on gourcuff he's a talent and could make a big impact for us
  14. scruzgooner

    scruzgooner New Member

  15. malagar

    malagar New Member

    Gourcuff will be a great succes at Arsenal
  16. GoonerGurjit

    GoonerGurjit New Member Elite

    That was a sensational pass. The goal wasn't bad either!
  17. the pass wasn't made by him. Notice Gourcuff is wearing black boots when he scores, the pass was made by a player wearing white boots.....that is unless Gourcuff changed boots or something during the match.
  18. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    its monterubbio with the pass
  19. yeh that player looks class, how old is he?
  20. Kenji

    Kenji New Member

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