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You have the budget to replace three starters who are they?

Which 3 starters would you look to improve upon?

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Farzad Stoned

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Voted for Xhaka but he's being underrated in his role imo, think we might find that replacing him is no easy feat. He's been a consummate professional and there's a reason he's one of the few remnants of the team Arteta inherited.
I am a big critic he has had a great year. Proved me wrong very, very hard to do


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Going on this thread Ramsdale, White and Martinelli are criminally underrated by AM.

All three our lead contenders in my opinion to be in the PL TOTY in their positions. I even have two of them currently in our top 5 best performers so far this season.


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Interesting question difficult to answer. I've opted for Xhaka and Partey based on their ages. I think it's very hard to argue someone should be replaced when that starting XI has us 8 points clear in the league. All players make mistakes, could Ben White and Gabriel do better? maybe but then I remember Bellerin and Koscielny and see how much of an improvement White and Gabriel are on basically ever Rb and CB we've had for the last 10 or 15 years.

So Xhaka and Partey out two younger fresher guys in and save the third change until the following season.

Dutch D

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I voted Ramsdale, Xhaka and Martinelli third. Third one was difficult, because Martinelli's output is undeniable. We've also seen he's most effective in particular conditions and he's a bit of a chaos agent who sometimes frustrates me with a lack of awareness for his teammates in certain situations. No doubt he's a gem, though, but I think a player like Kvaratskhelia would elevate our attack another level.

That being said, my priority would be to find a marquee signing to replace Xhaka in the starting XI as he's aging and has his limitations. Other than that I would mostly focus on talented players who can compete with our starting XI (RB, DM, possibly LB if we don't trust Tomiyasu's fitness).

Farzad Stoned

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I think Gabriel has much more limitations, long-term, than Saliba or even White playing that position.

Despite that, I'm not saying I'm right, or that you're wrong. Time will tell, for sure.
Look at what Arteta asks of him and look at our defensive stats. High line, build from back, break in a talented but high risk rookie. He had a couple mistakes early in year, he cleans up for Saliba way more than otherway around. The two CBs and Ødegaard are last 3 players i get rid of. Gabriel is a baby at 26 for CB

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