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Deadline Day Summer 2023

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El Duderino

That's, like, your opinion, man.
I was thinking last 16 onwards, on paper they all look winnable.

Yeah, I was agreeing with it, meant in a way that it makes the squad management easier on paper.

Should be topping group, resting players, doing reasonably well in other competitions bar for the defence being light.

QF should be achievable with how the groups are panning out.

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I think the domestic cups are possible depending on if we want them or not?

Prem no, CL unlikely but a deep run wouldn't surprise me. I think we finish with a CL place when it's all said and done anyways.

I feel like last season we took two steps forward and at the moment I'm feeling a little bit like we have taken a step back with all the work we still have to do position and tactically. So even with a good window, I was not sure if we would be able to compete with City this season. Now this view might change with a good win tomorrow where I will talk about the title challenge for the next 2 weeks in every thread.

One thing with this window is that we did not do anything crazy so the financial situation should be healthy next window. To really push on, if we are not using Gabriel after this season(which I think is madness because he and Saliba make a good pair) we really have to find a top top quality defender to compliment Saliba and stumble upon 20+(25+ is a pipe dream) goal striker IMO.


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You talking about @drippin?
Maatsen decided to stay, so they didn't even manage to sell him for that huge sum. This can happen to any club that the player doesn't accept what the club wants, and we might not even know about it.

We can take the example of Norton-Cuffy compared to Maatsen. If Norton-Cuffy plays two full seasons in Championship starting most of the games for a top club, he will fetch similar amounts as Maatsen. It's quite simple.

But this kind of loan success hasn't happened very often for Arsenal, as Chelsea has hoarded youth players.

This has nothing to do with Chelsea releasing players like Bakayoko even when he had one year left in contract, who they paid 40 million pounds for.

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