Edu's Release Clause Targets: January 2022

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Generally transfers don't happen during weekends. But given that it's just before the deadline can we hope for some activity?


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Aside all BS from Marc Irwin (club scrambling, pffff), Mr. Hagn, the athletic (summer it is) and co, what do we know?
We have an almost WC striker that doesnt play for us and isnt even at trainingcamp with us , so that now we only have one striker in Laca with that you could at least try and go for CL places. Eddies not on that level, so 1 injury and season over.

So we need a very good striker (which we apparently tried to sign already but got turned down) from somewhere.
So we will loan Auba and we will replace him with a name that will appear tomorrow or the day after.

Also we should have a bit of faith. We had a very good transfer summer window after all.

We are giving away players that no one wants and that were here from another era.
The old attitude would have been to give out new contracts, so that we could maybe sell them if they come good. Deadwood out is what everyone screamed and its whats finally happening so whining about not making money from 16 gone players is absurd.


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No improvements in January, no top four. It’s an easy equation. No point in bribing in players that are lesser than what we already have. So rather sing no one if Morata is the option


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Should have sold the plodder to Jose an bought a new cm. Should have kept Matteo and William an bought Tammy. The guys ego has cost us!!


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I had genuinely forgotten about him! Not one of Wenger’s finest moments.
Funnily enough he started really well, I was impressed, but as soon as Van Persie came back in the team it seemed like his confidence just evaporated. Felt sorry for him but he never really had it

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I absolutely do not want this to come across as me absolving Edu of blame, but people whinging at him also have to appreciate that his job is now basically to try and clean up all the mess Arteta is creating with ostracising players, poor decisions, tanking player values, etc.. He's done a poor job and I think he's probably out of his depth but let's acknowledge that his job is made 10 times harder by what Arteta has done with his management of certain players that could have been used.
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