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Discussion in 'Arsenal History' started by Bossa, Sep 10, 2010.

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    So many good ones :lol:

    Jack Wilshere
    My best friend, alongside [Grzegorz] Krychowiak. At my wedding he got so drunk, we were looking for him everywhere for two hours and found him sleeping in bushes. He had one injury that he never really fixed and it’s caused the next and the next. He’s one of the greatest talents, I ever met. Because of injuries he now plays in West Ham rather than a big European club.

    Nicklas Bendtner
    One of the most intelligent guys I played with. You see Nick, well-organised, neat, in-form and it seems everything is going great for him. The next day you open a newspaper and read – “Drunk Bendtner driving wrong way” and you are like, what the ****? I don’t know, he’s a guy with two personalities. The most confident guy I played with.

    Who thought he would be in the top 40 I played with?! Add one more 0.

    Olivier Giroud
    The most handsome player I played with, and he knows it. He loves himself, even more than [Grzegorz] Krychowiak. You know, little beard comb, oils for chest. Great guy and a very underrated player.

    Andrey Arshavin
    Hilarious guy, he has the funniest laugh ever. The season he joined us, we played lots of small games in training and we were like, “wow, we are going to win the league”. We didn’t.
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    Loved all of that. Some really spot on observations. Sounds like he's not a big fan of Van Persie. I had to laugh at him saying that Bendtner was the most confident guy he played with. That's so true. He would massively underachieve, yet he always came across as though he was convinced in his own mind that he the greatest player ever to step onto a pitch. :lol:
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    Interesting what he said about Bendtner, two personalities.
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    I laughed out loud when I read that bit about Jack getting piss drunk and falling asleep in the bushes. Such a Jack thing to do. :rofl:
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    Him ducking when podolski took a shot
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    Interesting how Chesney didn't mention Fabregas at all, the greasy little snake
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    Alexandr Hleb
    He could have achieved more in football. He still made a great career but he liked icecream.
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    Wouldn't mind Sessegnon.
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    Stephy Mavididi made his debut for Juventus today, replacing Moise Kean. Huge for him and huge for Hale End too. He's one of our more underrated prospects and I hope he is successful at Juve.

    Josh DaSilva also made his full debut for Brentford recently and had a good game.
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    Pisses me off more than anything.
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    He was the one on loan at Charlton? Picked up a couple of serious injuries?
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    What's done is done IMO. With Nketiah, John-Jules and Balogun we aren't hurting for CF prospects.
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    That's Mavididi, yes.
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    One of my favourite Arsenal players.

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    he kept going in the replies

    might end up forgiving him for being a snake tbh

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