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FA Cup: Arsenal v Hull City - 20/02/16, 12:45

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Chambers Gabriel Mertesacker Gibbs
Ramsey Coquelin
Chamberlain Özil Alexis

I wouldn't change too much from our today's line-up. The boys have a week off and I badly want us to win three FA Cups in a row, that would be pretty damn special. My only concern is Ospina. The guy probably uses a toothpick for a walking stick.


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I would give find room in the lineup to give Iwobi a chance this game. He looked solid last game he played.


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Özil and Alexis shouldn't be risked with Barca a few days later.

Chambers Mertesacker Gabriel Gibbs
Elneny Coquelin​
Chamberlain Iwobi Welbeck


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Gotta get Welbeck minutes.

I'd expect the line up to be

Ox Welbeck Walcott

Ramsey Coquelin Elneny

Gibbs Chambers Gabriel Bellerin

Tir Na Nog

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Nah, no way should Özil start this, Alexis MAY need to get more minutes under his belt. Ramsey should also be rested. Perfect opportunity to give Elneny another game, Walcott's goal probably earns him an opportunity also. Not sure if Welbeck will start.

Definitely make a few changes though. Barcelona and then United away follow this and 3 games in the space of 8 days would be a bit too much for some of our guys.


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Chambers Mertesacker Koscielny Gibbs
Coquelin ElNeny
Campbell Iwobi Chamberlain

Cech Bellerin Monreal Arteta Alexis Welbeck Giroud

Gabriel, Cazorla, Wilshere and Rosicky out.
Rest Ramsey and Özil.
Leave Flamini at home.
Give Welbeck 30 minutes.


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Replace Özil and alexis with elneny and Welbeck. Iwobi will get chance if Welbeck isn't fit to play 50-60 mins.


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Sanchez -- Iwobi -- Chamberlain
------Coqelin ---- Elneny
Gibbs -- Merte -- Chambers -- Bellerin

Might swap Bellerin for gabriel and then play chambers on the RB, but i think this would be a good way to go.


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I think we're gonna rest a decent amount of players, but we can't take Hull lightly. They are top of the Championship right now.

Chambers - Gabriel - Merts - Gibbs
Elneny - Coquelin
Campbell - Iwobi - Welbeck


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Since we're playing Barcelona three days later, I wouldn't take any risks with our star players. On the other hand, we still need to win this, a potential 3rd FA Cup in a row is massive.

I'm thinking that Wenger will surely play Ospina, Chambers, Gibbs, Elneny, Campbell and Iwobi. The rest will be a guess, but I'm quite confident we won't see Özil at all.
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Fa Cup > Barca

We'll field a strong side, even though Özil, Giroud, Cech and Sanchez are going to be rested. The rest of the bunch should be playing, mainly Elnenny, Campbell and Gibbs.

Hull are no pushovers, but we should be capable of beating them.

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Team selection depends on whether Kos,Gibbs and Gabriel recover from their injuries. We are looking at the reserves if they aren't fit or we take a risk with the first teamers we have available.
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