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FC Barcelona: Mess Que Un Club


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It's hard to fathom how a club this big and prestigious can act so irresponsibly and everyone at the club seems to be ok with it.
They really don't care about the future as long as they get their annual shiny new toys and a few trophies for a couple more years.

This club used to have an aura. Now they're a laughing stock.


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Someone needs to look into Champions League refs and Barcelona, a lot of strange decisions from when Pep were their manager.

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Not holding my breath for but would love for maximum punishment on them. Would be fitting were it to happen when Xavi is in charge.


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Pep on trial on Spain and in England

Someone needs to ask him about the all the weird **** that goes on behind his success.

If Pep the Lance Armstrong of football?
it really is baffling how pundits blindly praise him and his teams, completely ignoring the now well documented cheating and corruption that lies behind the success.

It’s all so infuriating


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Those charges are pretty similar to what Juve was charged with 17 years ago. They should face the same punishment if the Spanish league has any dignity.
They should but they will not be punished like Juventus in 2006.
This is political thing in Spain.
This shouldn’t be political, but it is in Spain.
First of all, this would cause riot in Catalonia.
Plus after last elections both blocks claiming victory need Catalonia parties votes to form a government.
Second, if they punish them harshly (relegate), La Liga becomes one club league.
Already now La Liga is losing its appeal to Premier League, maybe even to Serie A.
They would lose El Clasico if they relegate Barcelona and they can’t afford it.
Maximum that can be expected is some points deduction or some fine.

On the other hand, UEFA could punish them.
UEFA has code of ethics which explicitly pursues the payment of bribes to authorities with the aim of corrupting the competition.
They can ban them from UEFA competitions.
Likewise, some of the funds that have granted the club 1.5 billion euros to build the so-called Espai Barça (project to redevelop Camp Nou and the area around the stadium) introduced in the financing agreements a clause that allows them to withdraw from the project if the Barcelona is investigated or formally prosecuted.


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Biggest myth in football, Chelsea players were just diving anytime a Barca player got near them.
That 80th minute handball by Piqué was a 100000% pen though.
Also I believe there was another case at the end.

Let's not forget "la remontada" which was blatant cheating like wtf
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