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Ibrahimović should have been the highest rated striker, ahead of Suarez.


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Ibrahimović should have been the highest rated striker, ahead of Suarez.


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Not surprised by the stats, you only have to look on the previous page with Cech have a better weak foot than Özil. :lol:


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FIFA been **** for years. Last one I played plenty was probably like 5-6 yers ago. I bought 2014 on discount (for around 25 euros/20 pounds) and played it maybe like 5 hours all together. I'm done with the game, well with EA in general.


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High rating for Sideways Toni there.
Thought so too, but this new measurement "packing-rate" showed that there are very few players that outplay more defenders than kroos.
also a very strong stat of mesut, who is also good on the other end: receiving passes safe that outplayed a lot of defenders.


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Those passing stats on the FUT cards are pointless anyway. Payet probably has a higher pass rating than Özil because of his crossing, whereas Özil is better at short and long passing. Özil likely also has way better vision and movement.


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In my opinion, the cards can be set to whatever really, you will never know how they're going to actually play out, many of the cards in 16 were rated this and that but played differently to what was stated, especially online. And I think that with this new game engine you never know what your going to get. remember it's EA were talking about aswell.

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