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Dutch D

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I made some early transfers to protect squad value (Tsimikas -> Duffy, Barnes -> Raphinha), which worked out nicely. Got Duffy before the price rise, and ditched both Tsimikas and Barnes before they dropped further in value.

I'm currently at rank 26k. So I didn't feel the need to wildcard to bring in Ronaldo no matter what. However, there are now doubts about Son & Wilson and D. Sanchez is ruled out due to quarantine rules. There was also news about Brazilian players not being allowed to play (don't know if that's confirmed yet). Suddenly, it looks like I might have to wildcard after all.


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I decided not to go for Ronaldo just yet. Man.United will have a great streak of easy games a little further on the calendar, and I think that's when I'm going for him.

Then again, I'm not known to be the best FPL player.

This week, I switched Ings for Dennis, who will have 3 straight favourable games, and is a lot cheaper. That way, I'll have money in the bank to switch Fernandes if I feel the need to.

Dutch D

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Ultimately went for the wild card because I read Son was unavailable (even though FPL had him on 75%) and D. Sanchez and Wilson were confirmed absent as well. Wilson went from yellow to red. So I wouldn't have had 11 starting players.

Took in Ronaldo but decided to spread the risk by captaining Salah. Hope Salah does well today or I'll lose my lead in the mini-league with my friends.

Dutch D

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Had a good start. Got Salah, Jota and Gray to play left this week and on 64pts for the game week. Looking at the people above me could break into top 200 with some results going my way. Although most have Salah and TAA. But not many have Jota and another player left
Insane. Unfortunately, Jota blanked despite providing many good chances to Mané and Salah. I'm doing really well so far as well, currently at 9k.

Got a few headaches from this GW, though. Had to wildcard to get rid of an injured Son and Wilson and a suspended D. Sanchez. Now I'm stuck with a suspended Antonio and an injured DCL, with Torres as a punt who will hopefully keep his place next week otherwise I'm in pretty deep ****.

Now, who to replace DCL with, thinking Bamford would be the easy option, but could also go for Jimenez.

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