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✍️ OFFICIAL Hector Bellerin (Loan)

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Yes it was reported they want to extend him so his value will be protected i feel they doing that because there no offers in table only loans but he not going to accept after what orny reported today
The club seem convinced that the market will turn post covid. I only see teams becoming risk adverse.


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Carl Jenkinson was another disaster. He had a good loan at West Ham and we didn't sell him. We loaned him again and he was awful and that was that
Everyone knew that Jenko was hopeless though. He always looked like he couldn't believe his luck playing for Arsenal. Definitely a good example of a player we should have sold


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People thought Luke Shaw was washed until Ole came in. No reason why Hector can't get his career back on track in a new environment.
Hector looked bad under Wenger and Emery too though. It's not impossible, he just doesn't strike me as a guy who is going to have a renaissance. I don't think he has the passion for the game to make that happen.


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yes they have more deadwood than us they have 36 players.
Yeah she’s clearly a beast and had some major W’s but I think Marina gets a bit too much credit I think :lol:

They have some horrible washed up players on their books just like us. The always pay asking price too.


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People thought Luke Shaw was washed until Ole came in. No reason why Hector can't get his career back on track in a new environment.

Nah, the problem with Bellerin is fear. Those injuries did a number on him mentally. He'll never be the player he was, not with any manager, I don't believe.


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He's in a comfort zone at Arsenal, with more competition and a new challenge it might bring out the best in him. Still only 26.
He was always aware of it, even in Wenger's last couple of seasons.

He's basically another Wenger, he knew things weren't going to get better for this club and is burnt out and wants out, but the club is way too incompetent to replace him so he has seen himself forced to stick around another couple of years despite not really being at his best.


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Bellerin is like that youngster who plays too much FIFA, but he's the 26 y/o who's hardcore into fashion and socialism. It looks like football is his second or third hobby.

He struck gold with his talent at a young age. The fact that his best attribute has always been his (recovery) speed confirms that he hasn't progressed, he hasn't really developed technically, physically or footballing wise.


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