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Discussion in 'Transfer Rumours' started by Asterix, Apr 9, 2008.

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  1. Arnold7

    Arnold7 Member

    The problem is you have somebody standing on the way for not bringing in players Mr. Wenger he has too much power i cant imagine thats why he never bother try to go to Spain because those guys dont put up with BS with screwed up you are gonne!!
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  2. thierrytheking14

    thierrytheking14 Well-Known Member

    Settle down. It's the first game of the season ffs. Chelsea dropped points at home to Swansea...its gonna happen this year. As has been pointed out, a lot of teams have spent big and brought quality in. There will be a lot of dropped points this year by all the 'top 4'.

    We need to get our sh*t together and quickly, but let's not start worrying about any league tables and who's behind who just yet
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  3. Rex Banter

    Rex Banter Got Swerved By Gallas Trusted

    Wenger doesn't stand against bringing in players, he stands for bringing in the right players. Crucial difference.

    How many transcendent footballers are out there right now? I'd say 2 that are good enough to win you games on their own. 10 years ago there were at least 5 or 6.

    In my opinion there's been a decline of quality players, there aren't many now who are worth the sums quoted. There's a lot of fools gold out there in the market and I'm not sure we're in a position to be able to buy and write off expensive flops.
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  4. Mark Tobias

    Mark Tobias Mr. Agreeable

    Very true. I forsee a low points tally if 72-78 points for the league leaders. Disappointing start but writing us off is silly.
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  5. SuperGoon

    SuperGoon Debbie Downer

    Oh joy. Arnie's back.

    Let's hear him speak to himself again.
  6. GabeGooner

    GabeGooner Well-Known Member

    By the same token, Chelsea last season lost 3 times in 38 games. We've lost once in 1 game, at home, to West Ham.
  7. yybecause

    yybecause Formerly known as ArsenaLover

    We lost opening one 2 seasons ago but were at very top of the table for a long long time (until Theo and Aaron went down injured)

    Its not like someone tells you to pick when are you going to lose a game.
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  8. SuperGoon

    SuperGoon Debbie Downer


    I don't know which is worse, the negativity or being positive.
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  9. hydrofluoric acid

    hydrofluoric acid Many Men Wish Death Upon Me

    Both mate. Both. :/
  10. danlaw

    danlaw Member

    You don't think Cabaye would have significantly improved us?
    I feel insulted to see these silly excuses that Wenger and some fans keep giving. There are many players out there that can improve us but Wenger is too emotionally attached to his players to take important but ruthless decisions.

    For instance everyone knows Giroud can't win us the league, that we need a better quality striker. Are we saying no striker is available? Martinez was practically begging to sign for Arsenal and he's better than Giroud! Benzema is better than Giroud...

    There is also a certain Özil who has been off form since February last year after that penalty miss against Bayern Munich and Wenger keep playing him! The guy created no chance yesterday, he had no shot on target in open play and was pocketed by a 16 year old!

    The problem is Wenger insists on doing things his own way, without heeding the good counsels of other people connected to the club. He disrespects everyone, including fans who invest money and emotions on the club. This is really unfair!
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  11. This_is_Highbury

    This_is_Highbury Active Member

    This is getting ridicoulus. Yes, we lost the first game of the PL-season and yes, that is not a good thing. But it is only one game, there is still many games to be played.

    We did not played like title contenders, i know that. I know that we wasn´t sharp enough, i know that we should have been more focused defensively and i know that very few players reached their top level (if any). But, once again, it was one game and i refuse to believe that it was representativ for us. We can and should do better, no doubt about that.

    I like Giroud despite his performance yesterday but i am not against the idea that we should get a world class forward. But even with a world class forward in your team you will lose games. I think people should stop making conclusions about how much we suck based on one single game. Despite my anger over the loss i will wait a while before i make the conclusion that we will get a terrible season.
  12. danlaw

    danlaw Member

    What will amount to a terrible season this season?
  13. This_is_Highbury

    This_is_Highbury Active Member

    A place outside the top4+No titles is a terrible season for me. With titles i do not talk about the league cup.

    Anyway: Dean still seems to be confident about Benzema: https://twitter.com/DeanLDN22/status/630481663701684225 And why not? The guy has sources that knows that Benzema wants to live in Mill Hill. If this transfer does not happen, Dean´s reputition is gone forever.
  14. rich 1990

    rich 1990 Not A Big Believer In Diversity

    Not challenging for the title. 3rd and being miles behind like last year will not cut it.
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  15. Kingslayer

    Kingslayer Forza Milan

    I don't think online 'reputations' are as important as some people here seem to think...
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  16. This_is_Highbury

    This_is_Highbury Active Member

    Of course not but the Mill Hill-thing is an obvious lie if Benzema doesn´t join us.
  17. Prawn Sandwich

    Prawn Sandwich Well-Known Member

    I think most thought he had built a squad that is fairly balanced and has good depth (the best depth we've had in many a year, I would say). The fact we are on the Benzema thread with plenty murmours of activity suggest we are actively trying to fill the last gaps in the squad, but that only high tier players will do. Cabaye would have been a good backup option for Coq but the player moved to get game time - he wants to be in the France 2016 squad and he couldn't guarentee a starting berth here.

    Also, Wenger has been pretty ruthless with his goalkeepers of late. Szczes was benched last season, punted out this season and even the statistically fantastic Ospina has been moved down the pecking order to bring in Cech.

    I recall his form wasn't great after Bayern, the penalty no doubt took a lot out of him mentally but he came back the following season after winning the WC, building up his body during his extended time off through injury and eventually got back to getting games for Arsenal as a recharged player. Özil has been in good form since February THIS year.

    It is frustrating to lose after all the hype of preseason, but be realistic. We have a very good squad, we may strengthen with Benzema! Even if we don't get him, a complete write-off of the season after one game is really unfair.
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  18. This_is_Highbury

    This_is_Highbury Active Member

  19. Jasard

    Jasard Forum Issue Troubleshooter Trusted

    We're not making any outfield signings.
  20. Crew

    Crew Active Member

    Benzema isn't the solution imo. What we need is to drop Özil and start playing a 4-3-3 with Coquelin Cazorla and Ramsey in midfield, with Ox on the right wing, Alexis on the left and Giroud/Walcott as a striker. Will bring balance to the team. Worked well against City last season. People can defend Özil as much as they want, he has not showed he is worth the 42m we payed for him. He's a world class talent no doubt about that but despite improving defensively and running a lot his demeanor is still so appalling. I want warriors in this team! like Sanchez! Özil is easily the most uninspiring player at the top level. Lewandowski would arguably be the best striker for us but that is unlikely.
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