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Lisandro Martinez

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Nail on the head.

Gabriel has his phisical presence going for him. Good recovery, great phisicality and not bad at passing.

If Martinez is here and copes with that aspect of the PL well enough, I think he gets ahead of Magalhães.

There's some weird mentality when it comes to CB's. If you're comfortable on the ball and have decent distribution, it's almost as if you're too good to be a CB and should be made to play elsewhere.

It's pretty obvious that Arteta rates ability to play out from the back in his CB's. Gabriel, Saliba and White can all do it. This Martinez looks like he can too so it's no surprise to me that we're after him.

I trust Ajax in their judgement of developing players. If he was best as a LB they'd have him playing there.

I agree with you, Gabriel is a player I rate but he's still a bit rough around the edges. I think Martinez would be stiff competition for him.


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I can understand people mentioning this guy at DM, it isn't like Luiz or White who played the odd game there. He played a whole season at DM during his break out season at Ajax which is a large enough sample size in my opinion.
So why did they decide to push him further back?


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Don't think Wenger ever had a window with KSE owning 100% of the shares? Think its been mentioned a few times by journos, and even Josh alluded to it, that the Kroenke's only fully started loosening the purse strings when they got full ownership.
Part of me thinks that's a convenient excuse. They knew Wenger could do the job of gettin top 4 without spending loads so they took advantage.
Not sure which to believe but I’ll go with the latter.

Any sustainably run club would prefer a situation where they get top four consistently and don’t have to try and challenge for titles, the extra investment needed to push on from being a top four team to a challenger is huge and doesn’t even guarantee anything. From a business standpoint it’s far from ideal.

I think the ownership enjoyed the period where the fans didn’t mind top four and cup runs.


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You spend £40-50m for a guy you've bought after rating him as a LCB. He's coming here to play LCB.

He's played 6 games at LB for Ajax in the past 3 years and none at all last season.

Sure he'll probably be cover for KT but FM isn't real life. He's a LCB who can fill in in a couple of other positions if needs be.
It’s more about skillset than roles though. Our LB (recently) has been playing as a Left DM when we’re in possession which seems tailor made for this guy.

The plan seems to be to push up both our no8s when we have the ball and then tuck our RB and LB into midfield. It’s no surprise that both Tomi and this guy aren’t traditional overlapping fullbacks but guys who are good on the ball and comfortable in central areas.

Him being a decent Partey replacement (or a Xhaka replacement if Xhaka drops into the 6) also makes sense.


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Partey has to be the most overrated Arsenal player in recent years.

He’s had like ten games where’s he’s been the player that everyone thinks he is.

10 games is even being generous.

Agree very overrated in the last two seasons with us.

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So in case we sign Martinez is he going to play LB or DM ? So we are saying he's going to replace Tierney or Partey ?


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Partey has to be the most overrated Arsenal player in recent years.

He’s had like ten games where’s he’s been the player that everyone thinks he is.
Very **** posting this mate, you've come into your own in recent years but this reminds me of your takes when you started posting here in year 11.

Maybe because there's a decent body of work to compare him to from before Arteta got his cold ghoulish claws into him, rushing him back from injury three times in two years, literally aggravating an injury on the pitch himself, seeing our PPG return with and without him etc

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Partey has to be the most overrated Arsenal player in recent years.

He’s had like ten games where’s he’s been the player that everyone thinks he is.

I can’t actually disagree with this, injuries haven’t been too kind disrupting rhythm. He just has the highest ceiling out of midfielders we have and his best performances have raised our level significantly


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He cannot play LB tbf, best position for him is at Gabriels position. nevermind lets sell Holding and get Martinez is the way to go.

Martinez has all the tools to be a world class defender, yes he is small but so good on the ball and without.

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Ajax are funny the guy want to leave and that damn good offer. Do you want him to spend rest of his career at Dutch league?


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If they do end up signing him it shows they want him badly, which makes me think Tierney will be riding the bench and this guy is pencilled in to be an inverted LB.
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