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Lisandro Martinez

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how can we go a transfer window and not buy another expensive CB. i don't know Saliba is here but we likely going to use him as LB.


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Started out as LB at Ajax, but definitely better centrally. I'm a big fan of Martinez, really good on the ball, tenacious, winner's mentality, fast, great passing range. Premier League fans will whine about his height, but I think there are few CB's in the PL better than him. Ajax is bossing it in the CL with two CB's smaller than 1'80. Think he would cost around €40m, to be honest, extended his contract recently until 2025.


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No way we are going into the season with Gabriel/Martinez - White/Saliba.

Martinez can play as LB, but he is clearly better in the centre. Maybe the interest from Juve for Gabriel is realistic.


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KSE blowing the bag on Teta.

Teta is unmatched man. The majority of us can’t stand him but you have to stand up and clap the way he’s finessed his way into getting them to splash the cash.

Word on the street is they get weak at the knees for jet black hair.

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Arteta's definitely inherited the love of a new defender off Pep. He can't resist. Surely would mean Holding leaving if this one goes through.

I have thought we’d make a move for a LCB for ages.

Gabriel has been really patchy and this puts pressure on him. Don’t think this affects Saliba fwiw.

As you say it’s all about pressure on Holding.
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