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Martin Ødegaard: El Capitanø


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If he’s sensible he should look for a move whilst his stock is high. We are a stepping stone club in the cold light of day.

He can’t keep setting up absolute wasters who cannot kick the ball properly or on target.


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He has been far better than Limpayo but tacticos are blaming Ødegaard for limiting Saka.
You haven't seen Ødegaard vs City at the Emirates, Ødegaard at the Etihad or Ødegaard at Anfield last season (struggled vs Jones/Henderson)? he was far worse in those games than yesterday's game vs Sp**s.

Compare Pacqueta performance yesterday at Anfield or his overall performance this season/last season to Ødegaard's and you'll see why one does better vs high press and who is the true creator between the two.

We've made Ødegaard our highest earner to simply box crash and poach ? Why has he forgone chance creation and build up?

We got City next Sunday and I guarantee you he will do nothing as he'll be simply marked out of the game and do fugazi Alexis style pressing to wow the fans.

Why is Ødegaard now our main volume shooter ?Why does he take more shots than Saka, Martinelli, Trossard and Jesus?

Why doesn't Arteta allow our attackers to take as much shots as possible?

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Ødegaard is in with some great company

Our club highest earner, according to some fans, he's already eclipsed Özil status at Arsenal.

Mo Salah alone has created more chances/big chances than Arsenal football club alone this season.

Ødegaard has created 0 big chances so far.


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He has been far better than Limpayo but tacticos are blaming Ødegaard for limiting Saka.

He has been better than Bukayo since day 1 tho. Simply a better footballer at this point. Perhaps start of this season, 2-3 months Saka has been better and thats it.


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Didn't even have that good of a game but he's the only player in the team whose mentality I trust completely. I rate Saliba and Rice in this regard as well but not as much, Ode always looks like the only player giving a **** when it looks like wind has been taken away from our sails. A true captain and our best player currently.

The only World Class player in the squad at the moment.
I would say Saliba and Rice are up there as well, but he's definitely our best player.


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Played pretty badly, but scored a very good goal.

Moving like Bruno-gaard today 😅

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wtf that insane he gonna break it of course but incredible took him only 3 seasons with us

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