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Michael Carrick

Tir Na Nog

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We're apparently being linked with a move for Carrick when his contract expires in the summer. The 34 year old will be 35 in July and this will be the 4th time Wenger will make an attempt to sign the English midfielder.


Hmmm....... he'd be a much better back up than Arteta/Flamini would be. Possibly someone Elneny could learn from for a year or so too. I can understand why many would be against it though.


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This would be such a backwards signing. We need a long term player in this position, not another stopgap. Unless Elneny really is the guy. If so, then boy.....


Tu Felix Austria
A sick joke for a sick note.

No way in hell should we sign him.
We're all glad to get rid of Flamini, Arteta and Rosicky in summer, no need to directly replace one of them, even if it's Carrick.

I think that's just a piss take.


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This season has shown that the Premier League is no place for ageing and slow midfielders.

We need power, aggression and energy in the middle of the pitch, not yet another passive ball playing midfielder.


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If it was in addition to another CM we were brining in then it would a useful signing, how are his injuries these days?


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1. Wenger is preparing to leave and is saving all our money for the next manager, as we won't be bringing in more than one CM.


2. Kroenke is a **** and has give him a budget of about £50m for the summer.


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If we did this, which I'm almost certain we wouldn't, it would indicate one of 2 things.

1) Kroenke has the Arsenal wallet safely stick down his trousers.

2) Wenger has completely lost the plot and should be sectioned ASAP

Tir Na Nog

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I don't think it'll happen but it's not like we're gonna be spending huge money on a DM this summer. Wenger is happy with Coquelin and just signed Elney, for me it's either we extent Flaminis* contract or we make a signing like this....... I know which I'd prefer.

This would have absolutely nothing to do with Kroenke, think people need to get that out of their heads, Wenger has money to spend and he has the final say on whether he spends it and who he spends it on.

*I'm assuming Arteta is leaving no matter what.
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