Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang: Black Panther

Discussion in 'Arsenal Talk' started by Aevi, Jan 31, 2018.

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  1. ThlRama

    ThlRama Well-Known Member

    Has as many goals as Salah, a pure scorer with an inferior all-round game, playing for a better team, and Aguero, probably the best CF on the planet at the moment, playing with what probably is the best squad (especially attacking) on the planet at the moment... And people still complain. :lol: I mean, yeah, he could've done a lot of things better and he is below his great goal ratio of the last few seasons in the league, but give the man a break, far from our biggest problem right now. If he gets another few goals he'll have delivered, and if he gets the Golden Boot, well, it's always an honour to have the player with the most goals.
  2. progman07

    progman07 Well-Known Member

    We are unbelievably lucky Auba and Laca are unbreakable players, don't know what would have happened if any of them got injured during the season. After years of RvP and co, we must also take it into consideration when assessing their performances - they are always availablle.
  3. Jury

    Jury Mission Accomplished

    Good point actually. That gets easily forgotten when a player is always available. Saying that, a month (not now of course) on the sidelines for Auba would soon have his critics rating him higher than prime Henry. You know how absence makes a player improve ten fold? :lol:
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  4. OSBK

    OSBK Well-Known Member

    I do agree with almost everything you said. However salah,aguero and kane can change a game in key times in a season, we needed auba at the weekend and not just the goals we needed him to perform. The pressure is seriously on us now, we could go from being in it to 6th and out of everyone in our team we need on fire right now its auba.
  5. Taylor Gang Gunners

    Taylor Gang Gunners Shame is a dish best served cold Trusted

    Best things about the Palace game was his goal. Two in two in the PL now, that’s what we like.

    Hopefully be bags the golden boot. Mo who?
  6. baccy_man

    baccy_man Active Member

    I don't know why Aubameyang, could not have waited untill the end of the season to have the sinus operation that he has reportedly had,
    He is our top scorer and we need him for the run in to the end of the season.
  7. yousif_arsenal

    yousif_arsenal King of Twitter Rumours Moderator

    maybe it became an urgent and he should have do it he'll be available for Leicester game its minor problem
  8. baccy_man

    baccy_man Active Member

  9. American_Gooner

    American_Gooner Not actually American. Unless Di Marzio says so. Moderator

    Emery said last month he'd been taking antibiotics, so maybe it did need to be done now.
  10. Mark Tobias

    Mark Tobias Mr. Agreeable

    @baccy_man a sinus infection can severely limit performance. Not to mention being extremely dangerous if operations etc are necessary..
  11. RandomHero84

    RandomHero84 Well-Known Member

    It's health at the end of the day isn't it.
  12. TheIceman85

    TheIceman85 Well-Known Member

    Would you delay an operation for 4-6 weeks if your employee asked you to?
  13. lamby22

    lamby22 Well-Known Member

    I'm no professional athlete but I had a sinus infection at the end of last year. Sore head, teeth, eyes, cheekbones. Pressure building around all of these like my head was going to burst. Constant throat and nose clearing - don't get me started on the colour of the mucus. I felt like crap for weeks.

    It's bound to have been affecting his on-field performances so I don't grudge him getting it sorted.
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  14. ksarp

    ksarp Well-Known Member

    Apart from that, he did absolutely NOTHING. He can't be counted upon to make things happen in games. When he plays, it's really 9 against 10 outfield.
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  15. Football Manager

    Football Manager Broken Record

    More like 7 against 10 outfield, with auba, laca and Özil.
  16. BigPoppaPump

    BigPoppaPump Could Never Wifey An Opp Thot

    You're overreacting with the Aubameyang hate, he's top 3 striker in the league and 3rd top scorer. Get some wingers to share the burden and we see how great he really is.

    You guys want our strikers to do defensive work.
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  17. Football Manager

    Football Manager Broken Record

    Not defensive work. But dribbling, control in tight area, one two, through pass, create chances.
  18. BigPoppaPump

    BigPoppaPump Could Never Wifey An Opp Thot

    He creates numerous chances for himself, he's just wasteful. Look at his goal against Palace or Watford, Lacazette can't do that.
  19. DasBootist

    DasBootist Well-Known Member


    Do you watch actual matches?
  20. Football Manager

    Football Manager Broken Record

    You know his individual skills and combination play is very weak when comparing to true world class strikers.
    Van persie, Suarez, Aguero, Firmino, Sanchez.
    Lacazette is slightly better than auba and walcott on this but he is still far from that level.
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