Predictions for Premier League, 2019/20

Discussion in 'Football Talk' started by UpTheGunnerz, Jun 13, 2019.

  1. UpTheGunnerz

    UpTheGunnerz Attention Seeker

    Thought it might be a fun thread since it's kind of dead transferwise at the moment. What are your predictions for next season? The more random the better!

    *Unai Emery to lead Arsenal to Europa League semi finals and clinch third place in the league

    * Frank Lampard to take over Chelsea after Sarri and deliver a mediocre season where they fall out of top 4 - but plays a lot of youth and talent

    * OGS will get the axe from United before January after a spell of dreadful results

    * Daniel Farke will introduce himself to the masses as his Norwich is a pleasant surprise, playing offensive football and easily saving the contract

    *Sheffield United to be the punching bag this season

    *Liverpool to win the league with minimum three points

    *James Maddison to win the assist league

    * Marco Silva to prove himself a fraud and get fired, Everton the team to choke the hardest

    *Nuno Santo takes over Man Utd for the next season, being announced at the end of the coming season

    * Man C wins the CL and Pep quits football for a while
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  2. albakos

    albakos Arséne Wenger: "I will miss you" Administrator

    Kane, Alli, Rose and Salah continue to dive, despite VAR and get away with it.
  3. UpTheGunnerz

    UpTheGunnerz Attention Seeker

    Is Kane a diver? That's shameful is true, like the player otherwise. Haven't noticed him dive that much
  4. yousif_arsenal

    yousif_arsenal King of Twitter Rumours Moderator

    too early let's how the teams will do in transfer market before judge
  5. krackpot

    krackpot Established Member

    Have hopes that one of Newcastle or Wolves has a great season
  6. The White Pelè

    The White Pelè Well-Known Member

    Giving that we have made the semifinals and the final in the Europa League in the last 2 years, i expect us to win it next season :D

    Apart from joke, i've got a sneaky feeling we are gonna finish in the Champions League. Chelsea will suffer a lot without Hazard, United are gonna sack Ole in december and Tottenham are a big question mark.
  7. Hjalmaar

    Hjalmaar Well-Known Member

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  8. Slartibartfast

    Slartibartfast CIES Loyalist

    Going beyond the Premier League:

    Like Fulham last summer, West Ham will be the darling of the transfer season, bringing in several exciting new players. Then they'll finish with two less points and one spot lower in the standings than last season.

    Wesley will score at least 15 goals for Aston Villa and the club will finish ahead of Wolves in the final table.

    Watford will be relegated.

    No English team will make a European final.

    Barcelona won't win a trophy.

    Juventus won't win the Scudetto for the first time since 2011.

    Harry Kane will get injured and Sp**s will play better without him.

    Noah Ohio will move to RB Leipzig and American Bundesliga fans watching on Fox Sports 1 or 2 will learn that he is not a midwestern city when Leipzig brings him on as a substitute against SC Paderborn 07.

    A native of Wappingers Falls, New York will be Leipzig's player of the season.

    Queen Elizabeth II will give her Christmas message wearing an Arsenal shirt.

    Despite spending an extra £1 million to upgrade the lounge for players' wives and girlfriends, Dele Alli's girlfriend will not be satisfied with lighting in the loo and Sp**s will spend an extra £30,000 to accommodate her.

    Southampton will buy Che Adams from Birmingham City and Arsenal fans at El Comandante pub near the stadium will feel conflicted when he plays against the Gunners, bemoaning the fact that he could have been an instant Arsenal legend at that particular watering hole.

    Sp**s will make a summer signing.

    Bristol City will make the semifinal of the FA Cup.

    The Bin Zayed Group will acquire Newcastle United and lure semi-incestuous sponsors just far enough removed to pass muster under Financial Fair Play, resulting in an enormous increase in revenue. St. James Park will be renamed under a huge naming rights agreement and the club will be protested by fans who revile the stadium naming rights agreement and want it binned, but want the club to spend the money on players anyway.
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  9. GDeep™

    GDeep™ Dissociating

    Arsenal to finish 6th, Emery to sign an extension.

    Potch and OGS to both leave their clubs at the end of next season.

    City to win the league again.
  10. Jury

    Jury Mission Accomplished

    We'll get 83 points.

    The winners will get 90.
  11. GDeep™

    GDeep™ Dissociating

    Potch or Allegri to Utd next summer.
  12. hydrofluoric acid

    hydrofluoric acid Dishonest To His Federation

    Don't like to predict other teams to win the league.

    Just hope the stars will align, my blood magic will work and American Gooner will stop jinxing and we will surprise next season and bring the trophy home!
  13. krackpot

    krackpot Established Member

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  14. Notorious Big

    Notorious Big Drunka In Friend Zone

    Think that City will win it easier than last season.

    Can't say anything about top 4.Liverpool will be there and reckon that Chelsea won't be.Leicester can be positive surprise.

    Relegated: Burnley,Norwich and Brighton.

    Top scorer: Auba.
  15. Juan Matas Beard

    Juan Matas Beard Friendly Mancunian facial hair

    Just thinking out loud here, not much logic or statistical backing but here goes:

    League Winners:

    City win the league again. Would be very surprised if Liverpool get any closer without strengthening but they are not to be underestimated.

    My Club:
    For my club I think 5th. Defence is fairly good, but not enough goals and midfield isn't strong enough. Not sure how strong the Europa league is tbh, haven't even bothered checking. Can't see Ole staying should the season end this way and I agree with @GDeep™'s premonition on Poch.

    For some reason, despite the hype I think Everton will have a disaster season. I've never really thought Marco Silva was that good.

    West Ham, I know they come to every season a bit overhyped but I think this season is finally their year where they strike. Haller was a fantastic signing, supported by Anderson and Yarmolenko out wide. Fornals brought to the side. Some very good talents like Issia Diop and Rice. I think they've got a fantastic spine and I don't see a glaring weakness.

    For Arsenal, I'm a bit stuck but I went for 4th. The attack is fantastic, heck it was pretty good last season. You were only behind City and Liverpool for goals scored and now that's been strengthened. But correct me if I'm wrong but I think you are 1 CB injury away from having to play Koscielny or Mustafi. The defence looks weak in general, I don't look at any of those names and think that these guys are individually good defenders and that probably contributed to the 54 goals you conceded last season, if I'm honest I don't think Xhaka helps in terms of balance - especially with the attacking players you have, I think you are better without him. But overall, I think you're above United and Chelsea for the time being.
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  16. DasBootist

    DasBootist Well-Known Member

    Put a benner on Arsenal 2 win the league @ 50/1.

    Patiently awaiting my £500 @ season's end
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  17. Fewtch

    Fewtch Ozil at 10 And Emery Out

    Top 6:
    1. City
    2. Liverpool
    3. Arsenal
    4. Sp**s

    CL winners: Barcelona
  18. celestis

    celestis Arsenal-Mania Veteran Moderator

    2 Oil Nonces
    3.Bin dipping nonces
    4 Cockerel fiddling nonces
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  19. L3T5 PL4Y

    L3T5 PL4Y Flair Accuser

    Think top 3 is pretty much settled on paper with City, Liverpool and Tottenham. 4 as things stand is most likely ours. Between United, Chelsea, Everton, West Ham, Wolves and possibly Leicester for 5th,6th etc.
  20. tap-in

    tap-in Nothing Wrong With Me

    Top 6:
    1. City
    2. Liverpool
    3. Arsenal
    4. Utd
    5. Sp**s
    6. Chelsea

    CL winners: Juventus
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