Premier League 18/19: Matchday 1

Discussion in 'Football Talk' started by American_Gooner, Aug 10, 2018.

  1. YeahBee

    YeahBee Terrible hot takes

    Pogba will develop depression

    Frekkin stupid by Mou to not set the team up to better use the dudes skills

    Great redemption by Shaw motm imo
  2. MLK79

    MLK79 Well-Known Member

  3. Slartibartfast

    Slartibartfast Well-Known Member

    He could make them stop by not giving the ball away so much. But personally I hope he keeps it up. :lol:
  4. Tir Na Nog

    Tir Na Nog Every Little Thing Is Gonna Be Alright

    This United squad still have serious amount of talent. And if they can have Bailly in their defence for an extended period then it'll be far better for them than Smalling or Jones in there. Shaw looks like he has a point to prove, maybe it's a case of him finally getting the message, you saw even by Jose's reaction that it isn't just a case of picking on him for no reason and that he actually wants him to do well.

    As for the goal you conceded, De Gea being completely rooted to his spot is nothing new. No doubt he'll escape criticism though because he saved a shot that pretty much straight at him or at least quite central.
  5. Tir Na Nog

    Tir Na Nog Every Little Thing Is Gonna Be Alright

    Pogba was unreal tbh. Is close to asserting himself as the best midfielder in the league. I mean he pretty much has to carry the United midfield in terms of attacking.
  6. KrissKringle

    KrissKringle Well-Known Member

    Some people would say Alexis losing the ball is down to high risk high reward mindset, but at Manure he barely had any reward so far.
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  7. razörist

    razörist Ozil Stan

    How? Has been crossing to Ghezzal on the other side the whole game.
  8. Juan Matas Beard

    Juan Matas Beard Friendly Mancunian facial hair

    I thought Pogba was great tbh. Played a great part in both goals, similar to France/Deschamp performances - simple but effective. Our overall performance was poor though. For me Bailly and Pereira were the stand outs.

    Hope things get better in terms of control when Matic and Lukaku are starting but not so sure.
  9. celestis

    celestis Arsenal-Mania Veteran Moderator

    The speed and penetration from his own backline were bloody awesome .
  10. celestis

    celestis Arsenal-Mania Veteran Moderator

    Just a one finger typer is @MLK79 :D
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  11. Sapient Hawk

    Sapient Hawk #NeverArteta

    Long may it continue.

    He brings something upfront with his unpredictability & ability to create a chance out of nothing but he does hamper the play frequently by halting the momentum whenever he loses the ball, which is constantly.
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  12. YeahBee

    YeahBee Terrible hot takes

    Yes good game but I want to see him released to fully see the greatness

    It is sorta like Zlatan at barca, why buy a ferrari and drive it like a Fiat?
  13. Dammit

    Dammit Well-Known Member

    As Roma twitter has started the season on top form :lol:
  14. BobP

    BobP Favre Fan

    Here's hoping Newcastle start season 2018/19 just as they ended season 2015/16.
  15. razörist

    razörist Ozil Stan

    That’s great bro but if he follows it up with a cross that goes out on the other side...what’s the point? I can never understand how these guys play in the premier league and can’t cross. It is not that difficult...sure you have less time at this level but even when they have time to put their head up they completely blow it.
  16. Tir Na Nog

    Tir Na Nog Every Little Thing Is Gonna Be Alright

    Gotta say I wasn't impressed by him at all. He looked very poor offensively, and anytime he was in a bit of space he slowed things down too much. He dwelled on the ball a lot and as you said his crossing wasn't great. At times it even seemed like United let him have the ball and weren't greatly worried about his ability to pick out a forward or make something really happen. Defensively hard to judge because Mata kept coming on the inside while Darmian didn't overlap much so hadn't much to deal with but from the offensive point of view I wasn't blown away by him. Just looked like a mid-table left back. Certainly not someone you'd be spending huge money on.
  17. razörist

    razörist Ozil Stan

    I wasn’t impressed by anyone on the pitch yesterday from Leicester, that Ghezzal guy plays exactly like I remember him from the EL Lyon matches in the last few years before he played for Monaco. He is Mahrez light, if Mahrez never actually tried to get past someone. I think Ricardo Pereira will do well, but he needs some time to get used to the PL.

    Pogba was dominant yesterday. Calm, composed, he played like a leader. Scary to see, I hope it stops soon.
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  18. celestis

    celestis Arsenal-Mania Veteran Moderator

    Maybe knee jerk , but I value fullbacks who can break through presses like he did , reminded me a bit of the great Eboue . Yeah so true about crossing it's ridiculous but can be taught/ altered over a pre season , Arsenal reinvented the RVP's shooting technique to prevent further injuries so it can be done .
  19. razörist

    razörist Ozil Stan

    It is really ridiculous like how Bellerin still can’t whip a cross in a dangerous area, either its completely off target or it has no pace.

    Tell me more about that RVP story, I don’t remember.
  20. celestis

    celestis Arsenal-Mania Veteran Moderator

    Read it in 2010 apparently his shooting technique was contributing to injury , by the way who is Wiel Coerver ? Van Persie is a big advocate of the Coerver method when it comes to football technique.

    Yeah no excuse for Bellerin to be so crap at it . Makes no sense.

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