Raul's Transfer Targets: Summer 2019

Discussion in 'Transfer Rumours' started by Aevi, Feb 6, 2019.


Who would you rather have?

  1. Rugani

  2. Luiz

  3. Mustafi

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  1. HairSprayGooners

    HairSprayGooners Transfer Junkie

    We could be spending properly on just two first team transfers in Tierney and a left winger. When you look at it from that perspective and the fact that neither of those are seemingly close with 20 days left to sign players its a slight worry.

    The Saliba fee this summer will be minimal, Ceballos is a loan and Martinelli isn't first 11 material just yet. Even after those 3 we still pretty much have £40-45M to spend.
  2. THunter

    THunter NOT In A Caravan Trusted

    20 days.

    Edu’s just getting his boots on.
  3. Iceman10

    Iceman10 Well-Known Member

    Has gone a bit quiet on Tierney, hope for some clarity on that one soon.
  4. HairSprayGooners

    HairSprayGooners Transfer Junkie

    You'd like to think if we were going to bid again it would be over this weekend.
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  5. yousif_arsenal

    yousif_arsenal King of Twitter Rumours Moderator

    We waited 3 weeks to make 2nd bid lol I think we'll make one incoming days
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  6. Camron

    Camron Well-Known Member

    Explains where @Slartibartfast went
  7. Iceman10

    Iceman10 Well-Known Member

    If any sort of bidding war kicks off we will we just have to move to an alternative target. Sp**s are shifting out Danny Rose, so a little antsy on what exactly they are planning with their tinkering with full-back positions.
  8. HairSprayGooners

    HairSprayGooners Transfer Junkie

    Yes its a slight worry but I do think they'll get Sessegnon instead.
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  9. Sanchez11's ghost

    Sanchez11's ghost Superior Journalist To Charles Watts

    Every day is incoming mate 3 weeks till deadline day. Why drag it out?
  10. yousif_arsenal

    yousif_arsenal King of Twitter Rumours Moderator

    We are very slow in negotiations and get deals done even emery confirm that we taking our time
  11. yousif_arsenal

    yousif_arsenal King of Twitter Rumours Moderator

  12. Axel_Gunner

    Axel_Gunner Well-Known Member

    Wow thats some hot news

  13. Kingslayer

    Kingslayer Forza Milan

    What else are they going to say...? "Arsenal are working on deals but are s**t scared they're going to fall through."
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  14. Sapient Hawk

    Sapient Hawk #NeverArteta

    Not worried about the Ceballos deal but with Sp**s looking to move Rose on they might turn their eyes to Tierney as a replacement, we cannot dither on this one.
  15. Kingslayer

    Kingslayer Forza Milan

  16. Hexagon9

    Hexagon9 Active Member

    What are we doing to address our CB problems for the season ahead?
  17. Judasviking

    Judasviking Active Member

    Mustafi is backontop mate!
  18. yousif_arsenal

    yousif_arsenal King of Twitter Rumours Moderator

    We are looking to get extra CB when we sell Kosh. and getting close to buy Tierney.
  19. NieThePiet

    NieThePiet Loves Overhyping Our Rivals

    Holding is like a new signing.
    And our CBs would benefit from a fit Bellerin and a LB like Tierney.
  20. Judasviking

    Judasviking Active Member

    We have no idea how Holding will play when he comes back.

    And when he comes back Sokratis is away because of too many yellow cards or a injuiry.

    Mustafi is gonna play many matches this season, mark my words.
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