"The Huddle" at Brittania

Discussion in 'Arsenal Talk' started by graham_ka, Feb 28, 2010.

  1. graham_ka

    graham_ka New Member

    take what you want from it, but for me its the most important moment in the season. It's been a while that we have seen some emotion, passion, team camaraderie and togetherness.

    Looked like Cesc and Clichy started the huddle after the whistle. The two players in their mid to early 20's that needed to mature and become legit leaders this season to give us a shot at anything. That was a bit symbolic to me..... Obviously overplaying it, but if we do go on to do something, it will be this moment, just like we bottled it in 08 at St. Andrews, that fans will remember.

    Not a lot to be honest has given me hope of winning any silverware this season, especially the way we have been playing as of late and of course Ramsey's injury surely doesn't help.... but this act of honest desire to get the team focused definitely revitalizes my hope that we can pull it off a bit.

    Long way to go, I know, but good start, good signs.
  2. Floating

    Floating New Member Trusted

    My favorite moment of the past few seasons. A true turning point, and the ultimate gesture of solidarity - we're winning this for each other, and for Aaron. I believe Sol, god bless him, played a big part in the huddle too.

    Does anyone have any pictures?
  3. graham_ka

    graham_ka New Member

    ya pictures would be cool.

    desktop/avatar worthy for sure.
  4. Rain Dance

    Rain Dance Well-Known Member Trusted

    to the Lobby you should go then...
  5. Wryer

    Wryer Well-Known Member

    Cesc, Clichy and Sol all had a big leadership role tonight. Both on the pitch and then the huddle.

    Special shoutout to Gael. He's had a tough couple of months. The way he defended and concentrated over 97 minutes was impressive. Onward and upwards Gael.

    Now we need to focus on the games, and just keep plugging away.
  6. Proof

    Proof Well-Known Member Trusted

    The match felt like roller coaster ride. I saw that the game was heading to a 1-1 draw, I was starting to think that Stoke's defence, will last until the last minute. Then Ramsey breaks his leg, I said to me 'this is Birmingham all over again', it will be a miracle to win it, knowing what happened at St. Andrews with Eduardo and our overall mental strength. After Fabregas scored from penalty, I went absolutely crazy. It was great seeing the lads coming back, from what happened with Ramsey and overcoming that fear.
  7. Lazaq

    Lazaq New Member

    It was great to see and I hope we come out stronger after all of this. Cesc and Sol were fantastic, and I've haven't felt so proud of being a gooner all season.
  8. brady-hero

    brady-hero New Member

    i think the huddle showed what many fans have been craving for: passion. i can accept defeat to chelsea/manunited etc (i never said i liked it), as long as we show passion fight to the end, give absolutley everything. if we lose after giving it all, that i can accept. what i hate is when the lads roll over. yesterday they showed they had passion, they had fight, they had desire. Cesc is really showing why he is our captain and leader.
    Confuscious said: a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. we took that first step yesterday.
  9. otfgoon

    otfgoon New Member

    Great to see, you get the feeling there was a genuine sense of unity there.

    Also, the contrast in what happened 2 years ago and yesterday says it all.


  10. Cruisio

    Cruisio Well-Known Member

    Sums it up perfectly for me. From here on out it really is about taking one game at a time. If we end up with nothing to show for it at the end then so be it, but atleast I believe that the boys will truly give it their absoloutely all to win something for themselves, for Aaron, and for the club. I dont think i've even been more proud to be an Arsenal fan as I am today/yesterday
  11. bonuscheese

    bonuscheese New Member

    Proud to be a gooner.
  12. Armor for Sleep

    Armor for Sleep New Member Elite

    In 07/08 there was always a feeling that if we lost the league, we would look back on the events at St Andrews as the day things went wrong.

    Complete opposite this time, if we win it we will look back on yesterday as the day we made our biggest statement of intent.
  13. zerofeel

    zerofeel New Member

    Never a better time than now to stand up and be counted for. PROUD to be a gunner!
  14. DREVAK

    DREVAK New Member

    For me it wasn't the huddle, it was the celebration after the third goal. With the camera really close to the players at the ad boards, the screams and raw emotion. I don't usually do this kind of stuff but with Campbell roaring and everything, my only thought at that moment was that Arsenal is going to win the league.
  15. CKD39

    CKD39 New Member

    Did anyone see Walcott in the huddle?


    Look at him.

    It's like spotting the odd one out.
  16. alboots101

    alboots101 Well-Known Member

    ahhh poor Feeeeeeeeeeeeeeo.

    CKD with a beef.
  17. GaelForce22

    GaelForce22 New Member Trusted

    What is your problem?
  18. alboots101

    alboots101 Well-Known Member

    is it not obvious GF22?

  19. Accomplished

    Accomplished New Member

    He's got a ****ing massive problem, theo was pumped and was jumping up and down, apparently he should have been crying in the corner....
  20. Rorz

    Rorz New Member

    Of course, Almunia was once again oblivious to what was happening with the rest of the team :p

    Great to see this stuff from the team, as AFS said, this could be the match we look back on and consider the turning point.

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