They are called Referees


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I like it, it will remove this idea of "VAR is evil" from fans' minds without actually removing VAR, a tool that has greatly improved the game.

Plus there are bigger fishes to fry than fans not being able to correctly see a well drawn line.


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Definitely not having hope on this but hopefully it's true.. Some teams just get way too many pens for softies


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Any changes to var or refferees is irrelevant for us as long it's the same ****s officiating the games.
I honestly think the current crops of refs are just below the required level and pretty much subjective during games.


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I know we all hate Arteta and we'd have lost anyway, and Leno is hated on by half this place (For no reason), but that second Brentford goal should never have stood. Surprised at the lack of a bump


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He's got a point. If you are going to penalize attackers in the box for putting your arms on the shoulder of a defender, preventing them from jumping, how is that different from trapping the arm of the keeper so he can't jump?

Is the argument that they can't tell for absolute sure if it really hindered the keeper? Who cares? That was clearly the intent. The keeper should be likewise punished if he wraps up the arm of the attacker.

The gunners still would not have won that match, but I agree with Klopp, as I often do.


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Here's Klopp pitying us
That's not pitying us. It was a clear foul which he simply states to make an argument. Just like it should have been a penalty today when Saka was tripped. We are being ****ed over by the refs again. They might change the rules from season to season, but trust us to be ****ed!


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It was a soft one, I wasn't mad it wasn't given.

I have no doubt if it were the same thing against us though, yeah that gets given.
Asd it to the list.

We are top of incorrect VAR decisions.

How many extra points would we have?

But we let these ****s away with it so they keep doing it.

SOFT soft.
It was a soft one, I wasn't mad it wasn't given.

I have no doubt if it were the same thing against us though, yeah that gets given.


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It wasn't a soft one, it simply wasn't a penalty.
I'm shocked it's being compared to this Premier League Soccer: Manchester City vs. Norwich City | USA or to the Luiz one, the difference is so obvious.

Whoever arrives second is causing the foul is that simple, if this was anything, it would be a foul on James, not on Saka.
:facepalm: James cuts in front of Saka causing Saka to be tripped by his leg. With your logic a straight leg trip is fine as long as it isn't an active kick. Really weird way to view it, but guess on the internets everything goes...


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It wouldn't have changed the result, but not getting calls like this is like getting spat on in the gutter.


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Reading some of the posts above I stand by a point I made last season, that many Arsenal fans exhibit BWS (Battered Women Syndrome) in their attitude and reactions towards the abuse we suffer under the PL referees year after year. The similarities in the reactions / coping mechanism are quite striking. Symptoms of BWS are among others:
  • The abused thinks that the violence was their fault.
  • The abused has an inability to place the responsibility for the violence elsewhere.


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Yeah exactly the same, sure :lol::lol::lol:
It’s an opponent cutting across the line, which the attacking player is running and they collide. So yes!

Actually the Sp**s player is dangling a leg and falling before the contact so in my view even less of a penalty than the one against Saka.

Guess we are not going to agree! BWS at work…

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