Usmanov or "Silent" Stan?

Discussion in 'Arsenal Talk' started by 23AndreyArshavin, Oct 14, 2011.


Are you for or against a potential takeover?

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  1. DanDare

    DanDare Spreading positive vibes

    Sadly it feels like the past 10 years were vital to establishment as a top team. We missed several opportunities to do it

    Old saying “spend money to make money” I feel really applies to the few years before the TV money really took off in this country
  2. BBF

    BBF Real name: Ragip Xh...

    Interesting. Would have been a better location travel wise and just better to look at than Holloway.
  3. Preacher

    Preacher Twitter Bot

    There is not much chance, that Kroenke will/would sell.
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  4. THunter

    THunter Are you not entertained? Trusted

    Kroenke’s % is worth more than a billion now. Even though he’d make a huge profit, I still think it’d take something ridiculous to make him sell.

    Would Usmanov pay another 2 billion for full control? Doubt it very much.
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  5. al-Ustaadh

    al-Ustaadh Professor of Twitter


    "I'm a big ****in' ****!"
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  6. Aussie_gunner123

    Aussie_gunner123 Active Member

    What would be the go if he found out 3/4 of the Gunners fans dislike him? Would he sell or just say "who cares"?
  7. Mo Britain

    Mo Britain Doom Monger

    He wouldn't give a damn. If Gunners fans stopped buying season tickets and attending games, stopped buying merchandise etc, then he might listen but so long as his "investment" keeps increasing in value, he's here to stay.
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  8. Longy

    Longy Well-Known Member

    Come on Alisher !!!!!!

    Bring your Siberian snakes into play !
  9. Brown Gooner

    Brown Gooner DoN'T ceNsOR maH FreE SpEecH

    Sadly this is true. He’s a vampire and unless there is blood (money) in the host he will keep feeding on it. Only way to get him to leave is to stop buying season tickets, merchandise and financially boycotting the club.

    Or if he receives a £2b + offer.

    KROENKE SUCKS Well-Known Member

    We can always start with a Kroenke out movement. This is a guy who hates the limelight lets give him some of it. If that doesn't have the desired effect we can always ramp it up from there.
  11. RacingPhoton

    RacingPhoton Well-Known Member

    He is always happy with the sponsor money. Maybe we should start a campaign against our sponsors. That is the only thing which will make him think.
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  12. Zaza

    Zaza Well-Known Member

    So apparently Kroenke is in debt of $1bn and is using us as collateral. Hearing rumors that Usmanov and flamini are playing a takeover at the end of next season.
    Kroenke is a problem
  13. bingobob

    bingobob Fan of Technicians Who Show Great Character

    What's your sauce? Sounds more gravy than curry to me.
  14. Artisan

    Artisan Well-Known Member

    Usmanov and Flamini :lol::lol:

    Usmanov is probably more concerned with Americans possibly putting him on sanctions list than partnering up with Flamini to buy a football team.
  15. Preacher

    Preacher Twitter Bot

  16. DanDare

    DanDare Spreading positive vibes

    Rich person's equivalent of :

    Have you been mis-sold PPI?
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  17. TheLawOfDiQ

    TheLawOfDiQ Well-Known Member

    Thank god for Usmanov, any sane person would of sold their shares by now in his position. He must actually be a gooner.
  18. El Duderino

    El Duderino AM Photoshop Expert

    Kroenke made a billion in profit, Usmanov must be close.

    The club is run well enough that they only stand to make money. If we somehow up our commercial deals (sleeve sponsors, etc.), they'll make even more.

    Both are not in any hurry.
  19. BBF

    BBF Real name: Ragip Xh...

    She needs to be quiet.

    Lucked her way into Arsenal shares and she ****ed it. Shame on her.
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    AVENTUS Well-Known Member

    While I agree Stan is a moron and wouldn’t know football if someone kicked him in the face with one, can we honestly say his holding the club back or preventing us from signing top talent.

    Wenger signed Lacazette and there are echos that he got it wrong and Lacca flopped can’t/won’t adapt to the physical demands of the Premier League 5 months later spends another £57+Mil on another Striker without intervention from owner - this doesn’t sound like an owner in it for the money and sucking money out of the club what it does sound like is a majority share holder who stays completely silent and leaves the running of the club to a board who know far more then he does...

    Wouldn’t be the least bit surprised if Stan has no knowledge of Auba or lacca for that matter Stan probably still thinks the team consists of Bendtner and Denilson lol...

    I struggle to see where Stan holds us back to be honest frozen ticket prices for more then 4 seasons, paying players £350k per week, won our first trophy 4 years after his arrival..

    Would I like usmonav to come in and sign Naymer, Dembelle, & Mbappe yeah of course.

    But we haven’t got a mike Ashley type owner in the seat now - far from it
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