William Saliba (Out)

Discussion in 'Transfer Rumours' started by yousif_arsenal, Oct 2, 2020.

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  1. drippin

    drippin Well-Known Member

    No. It would have cost us at least 2,5 million.

    The relationship with St. Etienne is likely broken.
  2. BenTal

    BenTal Well-Known Member

    Then we have to pay 2.5m euro as one of the add-ons in his contract gets activated.
  3. baccy_man

    baccy_man Active Member

    I didn't think it would have cost us money i thought they would have paid to have him on loan.
  4. yybecause

    yybecause Formerly known as ArsenaLover

    more and more I start to think that even forums are filled with bots who automatically post 2 negative ****s as soon as one positive comes out.
    Even the words they use....so generic, so robotic...
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  5. Gunners1616

    Gunners1616 Well-Known Member

    Good enough to make 30+ starts in Ligue 1 while being on the best performer on his team. Good enough to pay 30M for with his club regretting such a low fee the next year.

    But somehow not good enough to get a chance even in the Carabao Cup in a team that finished 8th in the PL and that regularly plays Kolasinac or David Luiz in pre-retirement at CB...

    Conclusion: Arteta just doesn't rate him at all. The age is no excuse (Saka played regularly at 18) and the experience is no excuse (Gabriel came from Ligue 1, 22, sh*t english but played directly).
  6. razörist

    razörist Soft With The Ladies, Hard With The Mes

    Ffs I dont remember what I said here mods
  7. razörist

    razörist Soft With The Ladies, Hard With The Mes

    Cant tell if sarcasm
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  8. TromsoGooner

    TromsoGooner Well-Known Member

    By all accounts he is a young boy who just recently lost his mum. That can be incredibly hard to deal with for anyone, let alone someone at his age who also has just moved to a new country.
  9. MikeVinna

    MikeVinna Well-Known Member

    Yeah likely personal issues because he should be playing cup games otherwise.
  10. James Bond

    James Bond Moderation Consultant

    Seems unbelievably silly to buy him for close to 30m and loan him out back to the selling club, but to then fight said selling club from keeping the player towards the end of the loan (yes I get the appearance clause), only to then to look to loan him back out the following year back into the same league outside of England. I don’t get it.

    If you’re going to loan him send him to Fulham or something as it’s still in the PL and they need CBs. What’s the point in going back to France for another year?
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  11. razörist

    razörist Soft With The Ladies, Hard With The Mes

    Maybe we have too many defenders we cant get rid off and clubs are willing to pay a hefty loan fee for Saliba?
  12. American_Gooner

    American_Gooner Not actually American. Unless Di Marzio says so. Moderator

  13. yousif_arsenal

    yousif_arsenal King of Twitter Rumours Moderator

    People really think too much about fee yes we spent 30m on him that being spent in 3 installments.
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  14. Highbury_2006

    Highbury_2006 Village Idiot

    Was that a confirmation?
  15. American_Gooner

    American_Gooner Not actually American. Unless Di Marzio says so. Moderator

    Looks like it to me.
  16. bingobob

    bingobob A-M’s Resident Hunskelper Trusted

    So the guy isn't ready and we wasted 25m on him. If he isn't ready a loan is the best way forward.
  17. Makingtrax

    Makingtrax Planes, Trains & Social Media Rants

    Posters said the same about Pepe last year. But the bottom line here is you have to pay up eventually, unless your selling in the mean time. The more instalments you buildup, the less you can buy in the future.
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  18. bingobob

    bingobob A-M’s Resident Hunskelper Trusted

    Essentially tells me he isnt good enough and we aren't gonna ruin him like we did with Holding and Chambers.
  19. MikeVinna

    MikeVinna Well-Known Member

    But he has the ability/potential. We’ve all seen it. I understand his ‘transitional year’ didn’t turn out the way he or the club thought it would. But it seems weird to claim that’s the sole reason he needs to return to france. Plenty of young players come from different leagues to the premier league and are immediately integrated into the first team.

    Where does this story of his mother passing away come from?
  20. Jasard

    Jasard Forum Issue Troubleshooter Trusted

    I said it a few pages back but I don't think this would be entirely for football reasons. I don't think he is considered mentally ready because of a load of personal **** he has dealt with recently. Think it might be premature to kick off about it.

    I also really doubt Arteta would see a few training sessions and **** him off without giving him a chance when Gabriel has gone straight in.
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