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Is the use of the word Yids and Yiddos in threatening chants or slogans acceptable?

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  1. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    The world would be a much much better place if there was no such thing as religion.
  2. Sonic Youth

    Sonic Youth New Member

    cheering for someone who has killed hundreds of innocent people seems more offending to me than using the word 'yid'.
  3. The Mini

    The Mini New Member


    And why did Arik Sharon just get dragged into this
  4. ModeratelyVacant

    ModeratelyVacant New Member

    And this should apply to any Bush fans too! :wink:
  5. The Mini

    The Mini New Member

    And Blair for that matter...
  6. Sonic Youth

    Sonic Youth New Member

    we start a discussion about anti-tottenham chants and end up with tony blair.... :mrgreen:
  7. Exiled In Newcastle

    Exiled In Newcastle New Member

    OK, rather than list every political leader with blood on his hands, can anyone name one that hasn't?
  8. Sonic Youth

    Sonic Youth New Member

    Fidel Castro.
  9. AdamT

    AdamT New Member

  10. ModeratelyVacant

    ModeratelyVacant New Member

    Name an honest politician :roll:
  11. AdamT

    AdamT New Member

    oops, i mean gandhi
  12. Beany

    Beany ITK Elite


    Now if we're going to start discussing Israeli politics (particularly given events tonight in Gaza) then we're really going to have to lock this thread.

    Which has developed considerably since I last posted on it.

    I think Split, Mini & myself are, by and large, all singing from the same hymsheet; namely that the use of the phrase "yid" is per se offensive. I don't care who started it, the Spuds or us, It just is.

    I find it incredible that people can't see this, especially given that if we had all spent Friday night chanting abut burning Paki's, niggers or whatever, we'd all be in Police custody about now.

    Personally, and here I may differ from Mini & Split, I can tolerate it's use, given the Spuds own proclivity toward it and my reasonable assumption that it is almost entirely used in jest.

    What I can't tolerate is songs/tatoos/jokes about killing jews, gassing jews, nazi's, concentration camps etc. Or people who think it's fine and dandy to join in cos it's just the spuds and they don'r really mean it.

    Would Clockend, his brother, sol or any other UK posters find it amusing if the fans of some club or other we played sang about some IRA atrocity or soldiers killed at Dunkirk, or on the Normandy beaches?
  13. The Mini

    The Mini New Member

    Barnet sing about the IRA
  14. Biggus

    Biggus New Member Elite

    Racists are Stupidcunts

    Politicians are lyingcunts

    Sp**s are Uselesscunts

    Man utd are justcunts

    This Topic has become boring I'm off :roll:
  15. The Mini

    The Mini New Member

    I can tolerate it too, but you have more of it than I.
  16. The Mini

    The Mini New Member

    Split is just ignorant and OTT. But some of the stuff that was said on this topic and young1's introductory one was actually hurtful
  17. reggiepaul

    reggiepaul New Member

    I think this is getting a little too silly.

    I think there is only one Arsenal song where we sing Yiddo, Yiddo at the end of the song.

    Other than that there is nothing really.

    Split, draw up your opinions and raise them with a Anti Racism group as you feel extremely strong about it. As much as your feelings are very strong Split most people here agree with you but we're not the one's whose minds you need to change. They are elsewhere and your feelings and ideas would be more better welcomed and useful with people who work in that situation on a regular basis.

    Here you may just upset more people by making them exaggerate and over inflate a situation or you may just bore people to the point they don't care anymore - that's the problem with preaching to the converted.
  18. AFCG7

    AFCG7 New Member Elite

    how the fack did ariel sharon get into this argument ?


    a disgrace to humanity.
  19. Split

    Split New Member Trusted

    If the truth be told, I am well aware I have over-reacted and have been slightly over the top here.
    I have been in a very bad mood recently and have been taking my anger out on here. So i apologise for taking things too far.

    I actually said at the start of this thread several times that I am not against the use of the word yid in itself, but just when it is taken too far and used in the wrong context. For example tattooing the words "killer yid" on your face is taking it too far! Which is where all this started.

    I understand that over the years that the word Yid has come to mean Sp**s fan and has become quite detached from it's original racist context.

    I chose not to use this term, but I can tolerate people who use it when it just means "Sp**s fan" and has no link to being jewish.

    I stand by my views that fundamentally it is wrong and a great shame that the word has come to be used in this way.

    But I accept that there is USUALLY no racist intent amongst football fans who use the word "yid" or "yiddo".

    I do regularly hear the foreskin chants etc at highbury and from arsenal fans, and even that I find to be taking it too far. I have also heard hissing sounds and a few others in recent years from arsenal fans, it is not very common but it does still happen.

    basically I share Beany's view. But I have been venting my anger from other things going on in my life onto this issue.

    having said all that I think some people have shown little tact or consideration at times on this thread.

    one last thing, The Mini, why am I ignorant?!?
  20. Alexone234

    Alexone234 New Member

    There are songs,

    Hey Yiddo, Jew Scum, I wanna know, where your captains gone
    Running round tottenham with our willies hanging out (singing Ive got a foreskin haven't you)
    He's only a poor little yiddo

    If these are acceptable, and as Black people in America called each other 'niggaz' if we play a team from an area heavily populated by Blacks we can sing a few choice songs, all in the spirit of football mind.

    If anyone finds that suggestion acceptable, please feel free to post your proposed song titles.

    To those who think we are getting all 'prissy' about the subject, I remind you of how Ashley Cole felt when being called a monkey, all in the name of football mind. I am sure he saw the funny side at some point.

    And our boys in the England squad, when the Eastern Europeans called him a Gorilla, all in the name of football though. I am sure when he got home he found the whole thing amusing.

    If you justify the use of Yid as an abusive term, regardless of whether your target uses the term or not, it can be offensive to Jewish people.

    If you can separate racist chanting in football to that in everyday life, you open up the arguement that people can say anything offensive they feel is suitable to gain unfair advantage during a football match. So when Freddie gets tha Batty Boy jokes, maybe they can all sing Boom Bye Bye from Buju Banton. That'll be nice. Or maybe some delightful right wing fans can create a few verses to 'honour' our African player, plus a few 'Slave' jokes aimed at anyone from the Carribean islands.
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