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✍️ OFFICIAL Declan Rice

How long until Arsenal announce this?

  • By Thursday (the 6th)

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West Ham very smart too. Once City effed off they quickly accepted our bid, even though we haven't agreed the payment duration.

Basically ball in our court now haha. Just stick to 3-4 years.


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nO mOrE ExCuSeS fOr ArTeTa

nOt wInNiNg ThE lEaGuE iS fAiLuRe

So much being said about this transfer...

Tbf I thought a lot of these fans would have learnt from their mistakes previously, that’s why I’m not even saying that much at the moment.

Nobody really knows what Arteta is currently cooking with Rice, Havertz and Timber just like last season when a lot of the rival fans wrote us off for top 4 for signing some “Citeh rejects”.

It remains to be seen whether this was the right call when we start the season and how he sets up the team but it’s too early to be jumping to conclusions like they are. Arteta has some juju going on, so you’d be crazy to look at these signings on face value imo.

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Maybe before last season i never thought Rice would end up at Arsenal because the state we were in and i was 100% sure he Chelsea or manutd player.

What a turn around from club. I'll be more confident now if we want more elite players we easily capable if we keep playing CL football. Osimhen next summet then


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Picture this double announcement: Kai walks in eating a bowl of rice and says it in German only for Ramsdale to walk out and say "It's called Rice mate", Kai replies "Like that midfielder guy? and Ramsdale says "Yeah but that's the footballer who plays for" and out walks Declan saying "THE GUNNERS"
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