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How long until Arsenal announce this?

  • By Thursday (the 6th)

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Hope this transfer is over quickly so all these west ham ITKs can go back into obscurity and report on things like Thomas Soucek transfer rumours which no one is interested in


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Will never understand how ITKs make money/have patreon pages, tbh.

It's like paying a "friend" of a weather man after he tells you that his inside connections have told him that it may rain tomorrow, ffs.

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The club must be pretty confident in getting this done imo. Since the apparent interest from City, the club have (publicly at least) done nothing. We seem pretty chilled. We've not put in a reactionary bid. Obviously there is stuff going on behind the scenes, hopefully with West Ham.

I don't think any journo has a clue what's happening as the same non update updates are being regurgitated every day at the moment.

You nailed it at the end.

As for the first bit - it’s the same for us fans. All of us are filling in the blanks based on hopes, biases and fears.

I’ll be glad when this draws to a close, hopefully with a positive outcome for us, but if not, I’m still encouraged by what we’re trying to do.
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