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✍️ OFFICIAL Declan Rice

How long until Arsenal announce this?

  • By Thursday (the 6th)

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Arsenio Venger

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Imagine if we failed to agree a fee still.

West Ham like



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Sounds like it isn't the fee that's the problem but the fact that we want to pay it over 4 years and West Ham want it paid in 18 months.
Pretty hefty bridge to gap in my eyes.

We should leave the bid to cook as it is imo. Ain't nobody beating that, and WH will eventually bite.

Big Poppa

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Rice probably won't ever hit the absolute highs of Partey on form. Fit and on form Partey is as good as anyone. Problem is his troughs are as low as his highs are high and there are injury and off field question marks over him. He is not reliable tbh nor at an age where he's going to improve.

What Rice will give you is 7-8/ 10 consistency. He rarely has a bad game and is rarely injured. His defensive work and positioning is way above Parteys also. He's got a monster workrate / engine too. He's not going to get overrun defensively as happened to Partey at times last season.

What he needs to add is a bit of subtlety and finesse on the ball at times which I think he is more than capable of in a side playing more possession based / attacking football.

Rice is a very good player as it is, with good coaching, a bit of faith being put in him by the manager and a better quality of teammate he can be genuinely WC.
There really isn't much between them overall. Partey takes a few more risks on the ball and is better at breaking lines whereas Rice makes fewer mistakes and concedes less fouls but doesn't add as much of a threat. Rice spends most of his time on the left half of a double pivot, Partey on the right. To me, there is absolutely no reason they cannot play together. They would be the perfect combination for tough away games at places like Anfield or in the CL (per 90 from last season):


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Finally hopefully no more dealing with Sullivan Brighton make things more easier than this guy
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