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European Super League

Are you in favour of the European Super League?

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almost identical concerns as the Juve chairman spoke about last year with young demographics

wonder how bad the viewing figures are :lol:


You're wrong, no?
What's the story with the clubs who are still in there? thought they would be kicked out of the CL

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They probably haven't been kicked out for a couple of reasons.

1. Ongoing court battles over UEFA attempts to discipline them
2. UEFA are too spineless to do anything because they know that losing those 3 clubs would cripple their ratings worldwide.


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Sounds to me like Real & Juve haven't learned their lessons from last time. Nothing has changed, it's anti-competitive and this will get shot down again by a coalition of other clubs, fans and authorities who will want it to fail. Agnelli is such a horrible, weasily bastard as well. Urrrggh, need a shower to wash the oily stink of this away.


You're wrong, no?
It'll soon be time to quit football entirely, it seems. Oh well...

All good things must come to an end.
Should've done that some 20 years ago when Abramovich had some extra cash to waste, would prefer Super League to that any day of the week. Fun fact: one model is widely supported by fans and the other is hated by same people

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Even the Arsenal hierarchy can't be stupid enough to get caught up in this nonsense again, surely 😁


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Think it's too soon, they won't get any interest from the Prem clubs for a while because the taste of slime and filth and greed is still recent. Fans job to keep it that way.


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****ing great.

We were mocked as being the runt of the litter, when we were in the ESL...now we will be mocked as being the loser who got kicked out of it!
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