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Draw PL: Arsenal 0 - 0 Burnley | Sunday 23rd January | KO: 14:00 GMT |

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Really bad performance last night. We need a strong reaction. We don't just need to beat this lot, we need to do it convincingly. A statement win, if you like.

But problem is even with Partey back, we're in a worse situation than we were a week ago. We are light in midfield (an understatement). Our only recognized CM is 22 year old from the Belgian league playing his first season in the league.

Let's not even talk about Arteta. Don't want his templars attacking me or sending me threats.

I think he'll go with the same Lineup today in Sunday.
This will be a twofer: Relegate Sean Dyche and get the three points.




Like I said, I reckon Mikel will stick with the same starting XI that played the pool game. It will be interesting to see how. Lokonga and ødegaard themselves physically in midfield against those club bouncers.

Predicted Lineup


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Tomi ruled out from playing next world cup qualification with Japan look no recovered well


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Ye probably one of the better managers in the league

Most underrated anyway. People go on about the way they play but it's all about getting results for them. If someone came in there and tried to play a more expansive game they'd be relegated straight away.

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Lokonga back in his lone midfield role, luckily it's against one of the sides least likely to exploit that area.


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Damn I don't recognise some of the names on the bench 😭 Need to pay more attention to the youth teams again


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Is Cedric injured or just another player Arteta brought in and then decided was entirely unusable?


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Must win. And preferably comfortably but I'll take any kind of 3 points today.

Need to make a fast start. Huge break coming up so no need to worry about leaving all on the pitch. A nice holiday to Dubai awaits them. That holiday won't be so nice without 3 points from today.
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