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Premier League Postponements


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I'm sure the Nazis were unfailingly polite as they escorted the Jews, and the gypsies and the gays and the handicapped to the gas chambers. It is not an insult to wish death in people in your world. Enjoy it (pretty sure what goes round comes round) but you are not in my worlds. I reserve that for human beings, not fakes.

Did you just compare not mourning the queen to commiting the holocaust? :lol:


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This season has a different feel. I am less concerned with the situation of other teams. Its much worse for other teams that we get our injured players back. A fit Partey and ESR make a massive difference. ESR especially is very effective off the bench.


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I read that the London games next weekend are now in doubt.

The PL should be making a decision on this now, not too close to the game where it impacts people financially. It’s not acceptable to make a decision at the last minute. That said, I have little faith the football authorities will get it right.


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Just switch it to a neutral venue, so we can avoid that trip to play Brentford at home. If that manages to happen, the Arteta luck will be in full effect.


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Im not too bothered about the UK football being postponed in respect of the queen. Tbh I wouldn't have been bothered if it had gone ahead either. However with it not being on I will likely watch a game from a European league today which is something I normally don't do.

Football is a big part of mine & many people's life but If next weekends games are cancelled although not ideal I will accept it as a once in a lifetime event.

Tbh I'm far more concerned that the prem & other leagues are cancelled for over a month mid season for the 1st time ever just so a corrupt World cup can take place.


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This right here is the problem. They don't want a certain class smiling and want to force them to mourn essentially.
Nobody is forcing people to mourn. How would they even do that? Force people's nonchalant expression into a sad face?


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Cancelling this weekends fixtures was just such a bad call. Should just have played the games and added some tribute to the Queen at each game. Sing the anthem and on we go. The fixture scheduling for the PL is difficult enough this year without unnecessarily adding to it. But we can trust the PL to make the wrong call. Think the only thing they are good at are getting rich owners in, selling the product and negotiating TV contracts...


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Not sure what alternative venues for Brentford v Arsenal they could find. I assume it is too short notice, and too far to have it at the Millennium Stadium.

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Hillsborough was after Heysel though….

Both are tragic & cost lives for something that, when counted on the balance of things, is ultimately trivial.

I'm just more aggrieved by Heysel as that was the ban that kept us out of Europe at the peak of Graham's Arsenal.

A story of what might've been had Arsenal been in Europe.

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