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Gooner Zig

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This pretty much tracks with what we've all been saying. They've been awful for a while now.

But they've stealing undeserved results because of mostly Salah and Allison.

They have the same GA as us (15 conceded) which is the joint best in the league but their xGA is 20.5 that's 7.8 xGA worse than than us ffs - wayyyyy overperforming their xGA. They are being carried by Salah and Alisson.


Rice Rice Baby 🎼🎵
Jürgen Klopp leaving…

I feel physically sick.
There is no one else out there. ****, ****, ****.
Gutted. Weekend ruined before it's even got started.
No! This feels like the day Shanks leaving was announced.
This has come out of the complete blue, I thought it was a hack... but it's real?

I am speechless, I actually struggle to think of Liverpool without Jurgen... wow... what the actual ****... this is so weird timing wise and stuff, I hope he and his family are OK... at this stage pushing on all fronts too...****.
Not only is this news devastating, it has the potential to derail the whole season.
That video. Feels like he's just broken up with me. Jurgen I can change.
well that's this weekend...........and every weekend henceforth, ****ed
Wtf... Tell me it is April fool
Well...I don't think I love football any more
I thought this was one of them wind up threads, Klopp leaving at end of season then click and it says "to go on holiday to Germany" or something. ****ing hell.
Devastated - tearing up watching that video
I keep refreshing the page expecting it to not be real
Mrs of 17 years left me out of the blue a month ago and now Jurgen too.

2024 can get to ****.
This is legit a ****ing horrid day, I never felt this attached to a Liverpool manager, Jurgen is one of those wonderfully charismatic people, you can see why people love playing for him etc, he made Liverpool amazing again, I legit am struggling to imagine life after him.
Be arsed doing any more work today. I'm going the bogs for a cry.
It’s April 1st yeah? It has to be…I’m beyond devastated
All the “he’s not that great” oppo fans celebrating like they’ve done the treble.
Actually devastated. Don't even know what to say.

To make matters worse, I'm booked in for an overseas wedding in late May, meaning no chance of being home for the last game of the Prem or Europa Final, or any trophy parades. He'll disappear and I won't even be there to see it.
Just went down to my lad’s school (he’s 8) because I felt like I had to tell him in person before some blert on the playground told him. As soon as I got out of the car I literally sprinted towards his classroom and just as I turned the corner to get there I saw him and all his class come out. I knew right away when we locked eyes that he’d already found out, just pure sadness in his eyes, it just killed me and I dropped to my knees sobbing my heart out. He rushed over to me and just hugged me with all he had and was crying his eyes out too. How do you explain something like this to an 8 year old? How do you make it better? He’s home now, took him out early, and we’re both just a mess.

Farzad Stoned

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It is so obvious when a manager has done a good job; and will be missed. You just got to win a couple of the biggest trophies for fans. Imagine Mik leaves this season without winning anything; the majority of people or near majority will be glad he is gone even if he manages to bottle into second again. Funny, how there is zero debate when a manager is a real success and not a PR creation

Sapient Hawk

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It is so obvious when a manager has done a good job; and will be missed. You just got to win a couple of the biggest trophies for fans. Imagine Mik leaves this season without winning anything; the majority of people or near majority will be glad he is gone even if he manages to bottle into second again. Funny, how there is zero debate when a manager is a real success and not a PR creation

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Rice Rice Baby 🎼🎵
Arsenal 3-1 Liverpool
Got exactly what we deserved from that.

Abysmal performance and atrocious defending for all their goals.

We're not gonna do this the easy way.
Deserved nothing, got nothing. One shot on target all match long really tells you all you need to know. We could have been beaten 4 or 5-1 tonight.

A horror show of a performance and you have to say based on tonight's evidence neither we or Arsenal are going to be troubling City all that much in the end.
Arteta walking into the press conference.

Arteta is a ****in horrible c*nt. He's never in his ****in area

On us. ****e. Everyone.
Love this team showed massive heart despite an absolute criminal refereeing performance. Still top of the pile and all too play for
This is not how you fight for a title, this was their cup final, and it should be ours too!!! Pathetic to start the game the way we did, same ****e again, this time we were less fortunate than in the cup game. Awful, bloody awful.
Ugh! Hate losing to these ****s
Arteta is a ******, was this the UCL final?
We were poor, but Gabriel and Havertz are embarrassments, and Arteta is small-time.

Take your win and go, but they have to rub it in. Fine, let's see them bottle everything again, per usual.
Like I said at half time, take Mancs, bitters and Human Rights abusing cheats out of it and this side, their fans and their manager are the most detestable in the league.
Bizzare display. Not surprised to see Arteta celebrate like they won the league despite being behind in the table still once Everton touched you though I guess....
Absolutely awful from us but why are Arsenal celebrating like the leagues won?
Antony Taylor as bent as **** shocker.

I'm really shocked
What an embarrassment Arteta is.

Gary Neville should be shot into the sun.

On the game, we were awful and deserved to lose.
Arteta is a sad, sad little man.
People in here still talking about a title charge.

We’re not in a title race. Arsenal, as much as they celebrated, aren’t in a title race.
My hatred of Arteta and his team intensifies all the time. Embarrassing c*nts who have zero chance of winning the league.
Ironic how 0 Champions Leagues Arsenal sing our European anthem.

Anyway, that’s Arsenal and City away done now. At worst 2 points off top if City win theirs with them to come to Anfield still.

Looking forward to seeing Salah, Szoboszlai, Trent, Robbo and Thiago back to full fitness.

I believe.
Poor day all round.
... oh and Arteta is a ******
You’d expect us to get a bit more emotional closer to the end of the season, surprised at Arsenals reaction. I think I saw Ødegaard getting his photo taken with his family holding a giant ham.
State of Arsenal players at full time there

I really hate losing to this Arsenal side. The same **** every time. They’re desperate to be us, so when they do beat us it means everything to them.

Their ridiculous anthem they’ve started playing before every match, which makes your ears bleed if you listen to the actual song, their shameless adopting of Allez Allez Allez. Arteta doing the fist pumps at the end of the game.

Enjoy this while it lasts, because you’re winning nothing this season.

Sapient Hawk

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Man if Teta rubs me the wrong way I can't imagine how it is for rival fans when we beat them. That celebration was something else. 🤣🤣🤣

That's exactly what I was thinking watching it.

I can't stand his guts & he's our manager. It must be hell for others :lol:


Rice Rice Baby 🎼🎵
Liverpool 1-1 Manchester City
Not the worst result but we really should have won that.
Absolutely rigged that. Farce again.
Decisions even themselves out? Robbed against City, Sp**s and Arsenal. Piss take
Farcical at the end. Cowardly gang of rats.
Remarkable team in a corrupt league
Done by the inept refereeing. Didn't want to make that call in the end. Cowards.

Draw is fine but it should have been ours. Onwars and upwards Redmen.
Should have won it.

Diaz was on fire. Definately had a few sniffs of his national export at half time
Yet another week in which the PGMOL find new blatant things that they don't consider to be a penalty
Stonewall pen, utter ****in ****e. VAR skipped in microseconds.
What the ****? Lost for words. The game is ****ed
Should have got the pen there but would only lead to a weak of crying about Livarpool.
New rules, City players are allowed to handle balls, attempt to decapitate opposition players and get away with time wasting. You need to check the PL rule book, mate.
I’m done. That’s just ridiculous. Studs to his ****ing chest and var says he ‘played the bAll in a reasonable position’.
Boot someone in the chest, and nothing.
Really disgusting.

You know it’s a penalty for us when even Rat Boy Neville is saying it is
VAR c*nts and Oliver bottle job. Kicked Mac in the chest. Of course you're allowed to go that against Liverpool in the PL.

Hope Ederson misses the rest of the season, the dirty prick
**** off cheaty, get so many decisions, you were battered today, I hope Ederson is done for the season.
****ing robbed by PGMOL AGAIN!! Played them off the park for good parts of that second half, but Jesus ****ing Christ I'm sick of this ****. Penalty aside, Diaz should have probably scored at least one of his chances, though he did have a great game overall. Shame too that we were down to ten men with Darwin going off.
GD with Arsenal can be ignored for now, they play Citi next up, I think we are in drivers seat

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