1st pictures of new kit (from arsenal.com)

Discussion in 'Arsenal Talk' started by Artillero, Jun 19, 2006.

  1. goonerz49

    goonerz49 New Member

    do i get diaby #2 or lauren #12?
  2. vPersie99

    vPersie99 New Member

    arsenal new 06/07 season third shirt

    Urrmmm.... It's gotta b lauren, coz he's a star player wheras diaby isn't xperienced yet, n he wudnt b able 2 handle it if he found an arsenal fan wearing a shirt with his name on the back, he'd probz wet himself. Remember, he's no sissoko. Not yet, anyway. Take off the 'oko' n u mite b close.
    Anyways, probz none of u hav seen wt the nu 3rd shirt will look like, shud it b released, which hasn't been decided yet. But 1 thing's 4 sure. It's fit.
  3. Army of Me

    Army of Me New Member Elite

    i can see that post being deleted. you might want to check out the rules, there's a few things about text language you should read.
  4. Swish

    Swish New Member


    first off this is a forum, not a phone. So speak clearly.

    secondly, thats not the 3rd shirt, thats a fake shirt that was posted a while back. It was a Barcelona shirt photoshopped, sorry, someone has obvously fooled you with it.

    The 3rd shirt will remain as the blue Arsenal shirt from a couple of seasons ago.

    This is because of the redcurrent shirt, which kinda meant we had to pay for 3 different home shirts for 3 consecutive seasons, which is a little harsh for those who cant afford them.

    So to rectify this, Arsenal are keeping the away shirts the same.
  5. goonerz49

    goonerz49 New Member

    btw if you go on ebay search for arsenal then go to sporting goods the football shirts there's alot of supposed new away shirts being sold they're are plain yellow with a black ring around the collar and sleeves (and no it isn't last seasons away shirt), its weird because we're not getting a new away shirt, i can't post links so go search yourselfs on ebay,
  6. N!

    N! New Member

    its probably a scam mate.

    the sellers probably went to Primark or somewhere, bought loads of cheap yellow t-shirts and painted Fly Emirates and the Arsenal logo on.
  7. goonerz49

    goonerz49 New Member

    well they obviously are fake because we're not getting a new away shirt (unless arsenal aren't telling us something) but seriously they do look pretty ligit, go on there and have a look for yourself
  8. Harding

    Harding New Member


    looking good Tomo! 8)
  9. Clrnc

    Clrnc Well-Known Member Trusted

    he is always sticking his tongue out. lol
  10. goonerz49

    goonerz49 New Member

    can i post just one link?
  11. Swish

    Swish New Member

    wouldnt bother me goonerz49
  12. goonerz49

    goonerz49 New Member

  13. James

    James New Member Elite

    Most probably one of the Nike prototypes or something, looks way too good to be a fake!

    Very nice too, i wouldn't mind if that was our away shirt once the current one runs out.
  14. The_byrne

    The_byrne New Member

    last year i bought the yellow shirt from a seller on ebay, it looked good and fitted fine, but in may when i went to get paris 06 on the back they said it was a fake, as it didn't have the right labels, so my advise would be to stay well clear of any asian sellers of shirts on ebay, they're all con artists
  15. Jinn

    Jinn New Member Elite

    Looks fake to me. The dark area on the sleeve is not as large as the corresponding red area on our home kit (looks like the same design blueprint).
  16. jester

    jester New Member Trusted

    we've already been told by arsenal this seasons away shirt is exactly the same but with fly emirates, and the third is last seasons third.
  17. James

    James New Member Elite

    We know that mate ;)
  18. jester

    jester New Member Trusted

    then why are people discussing if shirts are fake or not? eh, i had this discussion on another site because someone was told by someone reliable that we're changing it, frustrates me no end when people dont believe arsenal themselves instead 'some guy'
  19. goonerz49

    goonerz49 New Member

    not true, we are getting a NEW 3rd shirt which will more then likely be blue and i think will only be used in the champions league, because uefa rules say every team must have 3 kits in the champions league (for example if we play galatasaray we couldn't wear red or yellow) the current blue shirt we have http://www.uksoccershop.com/images/arse ... y_2005.gif has now been used for 2 seasons, and the same kit is NEVER used for more then 2 seasons, plus i heard it somewhere else that it will be a NEW kit
  20. jester

    jester New Member Trusted

    gees... arsenal have already said it. they said 'to make up for the fact that last seasons kit was only used for one season, as was the home kit before it the team will be keeping the away and third change kit from last season' or something like that.
    i dont get why you highlighted me saying 'our third kit will be last seasons third kit' (which was the blue one), and say 'not true, uefa say we need 3'.
    we do have three!

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