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I believe the games are midweek? No saturday football. Need to catch a flight for majority of away days. No involvement in traditional cup competetions. The people who run the game are corrupt greedy bastards. Hope this doesn't go ahead, it will kill football. Disgusted at club agreeing to it! Never thought I would say this but if it does happen, I will find it hard to support Arsenal.


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So about 30% of games played the lower teams will know the season is up. They will have to make some serious financial incentives to try and win games.


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They won't announce a thing until senor Perez and Don Kroenke say so.

I think they trying to convince bayern and psg if they don't get involved it won't happen


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Tbh I’m surprised something like this hasn’t happened already. Burnley and Fulham aren’t exactly drawing in those fans from the USA/India/China.

Was only ever a matter of time before the global market took precedence. Pre-season tours and videos of Holding speaking Arabic were never going to be enough.


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As an Arsenal fan, I am truly embarrassed that my club is part of this absolute scam. It is a move dictated by greed, plain and simple. I should not be surprised though with an owner like Kroenke. I am ******* glad that this power grab will fail miserably. I would love to hear Arsène's thoughts on this shenanigans.
Pleased and grateful as well that Bayern and PSG have decided not to join this initiative (for whatever reasons).

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