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📢 Rumour Granit Xhaka (Out)

Will Manberg/Bergman complete the five stages of grief before the window opens?

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Your username sums it up really


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I have written this before: If Xhaka is the hill Arteta chooses to die on, so be it! I have been one of the defenders of Arteta but ****ing hell, if Xhaka stays and he serves up a couple of his standard annual mistakes that cost us games and Arteta ends up being fired, he had it coming! He had it ****ing coming!

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Xhaka & Bellerin talking about the moves must make it even harder for Edu to get the required fee :no:
that true but we not asking 40M for each it's 20M Xhaka who Value is 30M and 15M bellerin who value is bit more 20M how more we should under value our players? i think we'll still end up letting go for cheap if we are desperate to improve.


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Lol I was hoping CM was gonna be where the bulk of our transfer kitty was gonna go tbh. Can’t help but feel disappointed if we extend this guy. He doesn’t even wanna be here for god sake


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We should've moved on from Xhaka long before now and he's shown plenty encouragement that that's what he wants as well.

As someone who's not a massive fan of him though, given the alternatives we've been linked with I'd genuinely rather keep using him and see how he gets on with Partey over a full season. You can only say fair play to him if he can blag himself a new deal into the bargain.

Arsenal will keep doing Arsenal things.


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I'm tired of Roma as well tbf
Sometimes dreams come true, I said this in January. 🤩
To me it looks like Xhaka will get an extension, and Elneny will go out next. At least that is what I hope Xhaka will do, an extension.

We have two Real loanees in midfield currently, and Elneny is not good enough. So Xhaka is a good squad player at least for the next years, if he accepts that role.


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What is there to protect? This is probably the last possible opportunity for us to sell him for money. He won't be a sellable asset anymore
We have three options:
1) Sell him for 15M which Roma is offering now.
2) Hold him for 2 years and let him go for free.
3) Extend his contract, pay his wages for 4/5 more years and lose him for free.

Being better than Elneny is not really a badge of honour. We have seen 5 years of his game here and he has been mediocre at best. This is the right window to move on from him. With the new contract, we are just promising him that we will pay his wages for a few more years.

About bench players, bench should be reserved for youngsters to get minutes at high level, super subs who can create impact off bench, mature players who can see out a match when we are having a single goal lead. Xhaka is none of these.

Options 1 and 2 are much better than option 3.
Option 4 - extend by a year and try again to sell next year, maybe clubs have recovered from COVID and money is more readily available, this way you don't have a player in his last year where you are forced to sell or lose for nothing.

Don't disagree about having a bench of youth, i'd happily give Willock/Azeez/Lokonga game time this season, also not saying being better than Elneny is a badge of honour but I am saying we should look to sell Elneny, Torreira, AMN and co BEFORE Xhaka, and by extending Xhaka for a year we protect his value a bit when attempting to sell next year.

Would be against extending long term and also against extending with a huge wage increase, but we don't actually know that either of those things are happening at this stage and as others have said this may well just be posturing to get more money out of Roma.


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I’ve just finished work and I’m gonna take a long ass nap and hope all of this is just a joke. I seriously need to find some hobbies. Gym ain’t enough. I might start learning how to knit or learn a new language. Would you call me childish if I told you this news riled me up so much I turned off all notifications for Twitter? I legit couldn’t deal with the discourse. Everything on the summer was hinging on how we would finally move on from Xhaka. I could talk myself around a lot. But not this. Not him. I don’t like him. I’ll go as far to say, since Xhaka joined Arsenal I haven’t enjoyed watching us like I used to.

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Xhaka did everything to make his move to Roma happen in last few weeks but things are very negative.


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Ok this basically confirms that when Arsenal are selling a player, we operate in a different market to the rest of the sport.

How are Roma spending a **** tonne on average players and then they can’t sign a good player who their manager wants? Do we live in a different dimension to everyone else where we overrate our players by 20% too much? Pretty sure we don’t overrate Xhaka as a fan base….

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Let's see after this threat from Arsenal and Xhaka Roma will finally pay up 20M euros or not. it's a classic market move when things are stuck between tow teams.

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