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✍️ OFFICIAL Granit Xhaka (Out)

Will Manberg/Bergman complete the five stages of grief before the window opens?

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Jeez, I hope not.

We'd be left with only Guendouzi and Torreira.


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**** no, one of our best players. He is just getting started here, future captain. And with future, i mean hopefully next season


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Very unlikely. He starts here when fit, has signed a long term deal and with all of that in mind- he'd be priced out of a move.

Yeah, with right partner(s) and tactics he can be very good. No silly red cards in a while either. No way we sell him cheap now. His first name fits his persona well and surely more so in the prime years of his career. I haven't always been a fan of him but can see his potential better now.

Torreira & Xhaka midfield has quite scary goal threat by the way.
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Unless we find a better player we shouldn't sell losing ramsey and xhaka is huge


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I'd listen to an offer. Wouldn't be terribly keen on losing him but we could get decent cash for him IMO. £40-45m+ and I'd consider it.

Maybe in a year if it doesn't work? Faster and more technical are the only attributes I can think of that can be upgraded, while quite likely losing some other great qualities. It's costly and risky though.

Keita and Fred are not similar players but their first seasons have not gone very well. It's a good point we would lose Xhaka & Ramsey at the same time.

This rumour is hinting at cutprices also, but good to know there might be some interest, and its not a miracle either in my opinion.

With Torreira and Xhaka there is bit of a problem with top speed in counterattacks though.
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