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✍️ OFFICIAL Granit Xhaka (Out)

Will Manberg/Bergman complete the five stages of grief before the window opens?

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Treat him well Xabi Alonso.

5 years deal at his age is very rare Leverkusen putting big trust in him


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Goodbye AM

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Even when he was poor here, you always felt there was a player in there...very well rounded player, quality midfielder.

When we signed him we still had Cazorla (for half a season anyway) and a peak Ramsey 3 years, so playing him in the more attacking midfield role was just not available really, so we had to play him out of position...we did well in a back 5 in the DM role (as there is less defensive responsibility in that formation) but you got the feeling a back 5 wasn't really what any of our managers wanted to really play.

Glad he turned it around, as he must be one of our highest appearance makers in the Prem...plus he won some trophies here, you always want to be remembered well at a team you achieve things in.

Assuming we could get the 40 million for Partey, then I would have kept Xhaka this window and let him go for free next year personally...but we are pretty close to the right time to part ways anyway (20 million is a very good fee at this point too) so good luck to him!

I wonder if Partey will stay for another season now.


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Ideally, we would have kept him another year, but it is good deal for everyone concerned this. Commiserations to @BergMan - AM is here with unconditional support for you.


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It's a great deal for all, long contract for Xhaka who really turned his career around with us but 25m euro for a 30 year old it's also a good deal for Arsenal.

The previous 13m euro touted we would be giving him away, adios Granit and good luck.


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Good deal all round. Bit of shame he doesn't get to enjoy the champions league with us, but I am happy he leaves fondly. Great contribution to getting us there, really did care a lot, and a nice turnaround story.

25m for 31 with 1 year on his contract is not bad.


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Five year contract at 30 is a really good deal for him. Pretty sure Arsenal could not promise that. Good luck to him.

He is leaving the club on a high. His rebirth as a vital and beloved cog is a metaphor for the transformation of the club as a whole. For that reason, his story will long be a part of Arsenal lore.


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Arteta got Xhaka to stay, providing huge support for UCL push last season, while managing to sell Xhaka afterwards for like 10 million more than would have got last summer.

A bit more funds that Arteta managed to save for Arsenal, while getting to UCL.

Xhaka is an Arsenal legend in his own right. Not on the level of true legends, but his story is something to cherish for the ages.
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