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Mykhailo Mudryk [Chelsea Bound]

Is Mudryk Thee Stallion disrespecting Shakhtar with his conduct?

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I think Taremi from Porto could be a good signing. Can get him for around 20m. He is kind of like Giroud, a different kind of striker compared to Jesus and Edi. He will be good squad player, but I know him for a long time now. He's not a killer and miss many opportunities; exactly like Giroud.
It's a hard 'non' from me then !!!


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A lot of you voted me as the most cynical poster as well..

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In my defence I don’t count @ExtjExhtts and @Entropics as actual posters here. At this point I can decide between deep undercover Kremlin operatives or Rogue AIs escaped from google.


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I we need to pay more than £50m we might as well get J.Felix for 15-25m more. He's a bigger talent and proven in the best league in the world.. He has a bit of a injury record though


🎵 Edu getting rickrolled 🎵
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I we need to pay more than £50m we might as well get J.Felix for 15-25m more. He's a bigger talent and proven in the best league in the world.. He has a bit of a injury record though

Why you say “bigger talent” when what you mean is “more proven”?

It’s not trigger the rza day you know…


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What some don’t appreciate is that in the last 5 years at least, a European talent of this stature would not want to play here. It’s a mark of our progress that Mudryk is “twerking” for us.
What stature?
No top club is in the race to sign him, Madrid would rather spend 60m on a 14 year old Brazilian kid than your boy

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The double asterisks were very low fees or free brought in for short term, temporary squad OR were brought in for low fees with a view to long term potential, all of them being lower than £10m

The highlighted show that you're a clown and no one should take you seriously

The only one on this entire list that I can credit you for is Lokonga, and even then he was a £15m buy with potential that might still be realised.

The reality of the situation paints a picture virtually 180 from the one you're trying to paint.
Since Arteta came in the Hit factor on signings we have paid decent cash for has been very good
Out of the 1st 4 'flops' 2 were favours to Kia from EDU & 1 one was a punt on a cheap goalie influenced by the keeper coach.
Willian was disappointing but it can happen.
Only 1 is still involved & currently linked to a move away.
As said Look at the ones we have paid decent money for. How much is Ode worth now?
Nuno will be sold for more than we paid & i reckon Sambi will go for a similar amount to the outlay.
How you can call a young brazillian kid who wasnt bought for the 1st team a flop in a few months is frankly beyond me?

Man chats sh!t.

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Problem is that expensive doesnt mean good. Quite often doesn’t, including the expensive examples you have cited.
I agree it has to be said Pepe was a very expensive bench warmer here.

I actually think Muddy is also being bought with an eye to next seasons Champs league.
We will definitely need more quality on the flank as you cannot rest players or put out the B team as you can in the Europa early stages.

Loads of games to play this season also so he will get minutes but We cannot `go into next season without another quality wide option imho.


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He is good with both feet. Something Arteta and most people like. Very important for an attacker to be more unpredictable.

Has played LW but nothing to suggest he can't play RW. Even Martinelli can play there well. Not optimal, but no problemo.
Apparently, he started as an attacking mid but was moved out wide because of his acceleration/pace.

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Stop comparing modern Hitler to Uk i am not British but even i find that level of moral relativism repugnant. And i hate colonialism more than you can imagine last thing i will say that isn’t football related on thread. A certain idiot trumpeted Putin’s talking points in reference to transfer negotiations and i had to set it straight

Very reliable reporter but for man city.
Probably includes a weapons package of military aid
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